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Pete Bethune, who resigned from Sea Shepherd earlier this month, has released his new book “Whale Warrior”; billed as a tell-all behind the dramatic events that occurred in the Southern Ocean last year. From the site,

“In a frank account filled with high action, humour and emotion, Pete Bethune describes the events which led up to the ramming of Sea Shepherd’s the Ady Gil,his dramatic boarding, detention on the Shonan Maru, arrest on arrival in Tokyo and subsequent long ordeal in jail awaiting trial and sentencing.”

While the book literally just came out, at least one commenter over on the Planet Oceans Alliance forum gave it an early thumbs up saying, “I actually had the pleasure of reading some of it last week when he was in LA. It’s an absolute awesome read.”

Bethune, who recently announced plans to look into building a successor to the Ady Gil, is focusing on continuing his ocean conservation work with a possible campaign in the Faroe islands next year. If you’re interested in purchasing his book ($30US), jump here for ordering outside of NZ and Australia or here for within.

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  • http://www.lucsali.com Lucsali

    “[..]Soon Earthrace becomes the Ady Gil and, as part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s *protest* fleet [..]”

    Uhiuhiuhi.. I already know who is not going to like that! :D

    Anyway, good luck to Pete with the sale

    • Sidewinder

      anyways…lets not get distracted here – the plight of the Whales by those brutal Japanese can’t be forgotten here (nor the even worse slaughter by the Faroe Islands)

      • http://www.lucsali.com Lucsali

        Agreed ;)
        That’s probably the main point of the book/campaign. Vessel or no vessel, there are way more important things.
        ..still, funny the choice of words, it’s pretty common to hear that SSCS is not a “protest” organization, but an enforcement one.

      • Mick


        “the plight of the Whales by those brutal Japanese can’t be forgotten..”

        But “the plight of the whales” killed by those “brutal” Norwegians, Icelanders, Greenlanders, Americans and Russians can be forgotten???

  • http://www.yahoo.com Nancy

    With Pete and Ady heading up things its sure to be a great campaign. I cant wait to get this book!! And thank god someone is finally doing something about the horrible slaughters in the Faroe Islands! Good luck Pete!!

    • matto

      Yeah thanks Ady, for pilfering SSCS donor money

      • Lee Richmond

        What are you talking about? It’s Ady’s money. Muppet.

  • Cho cho ma

    I wonder how he would fund a second Ady Gil.

    • David

      Well Ady Gil seems to have indicated that he supports Peter over Paul. And from comments here and on other forums it seems many environmentalists back Peter over Paul in their dispute.

      So just like when Paul and Greenpeace parted ways, I think Peter could start his own group. It may start slow but the SSCS started slow.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        keep dreamimg, its obviosu that things did go to mr Pete’s head. Now he feels like a hero who did “time” in a japanese prison, now he feels like a “Whale Warrior” but after the meager aplause has faded for this backstabber he will quiet and find some other thrill.
        No hope in hell for you David and the other trolls, we all know who is the real Whale Warrior and who we have to support.

      • Chris H.

        I think that it’s obvious from the title that this book is about Pete Bethune, not the SSCS, or the anti-whaling movement, or the whales.

        @ David

        I’d love to know how you dream up your crazy comments. I mean, you must know that they’re ridiculous when you’re typing them, right? I’m sure that Ady Gil said “Look Pete, I know that you cost me $1.5 million last January, through sheer negligence, so here’s another $5 million to build a new boat with, but be careful this time, ok?” That makes complete sense to… absolutely no one.

        David, if you have any evidence to support your statement that “Ady Gil seems to have indicated that he supports Peter over Paul”, then it would be great if you could post it. If not, well, then I guess that you’re just indulging in a little wishful thinking.

      • Hufingraz

        @ Chris H

        Ady Gil just had Pete over at his house last weekend for a Halloween party, so I find it hard to believe that Ady holds Pete responsible for the sinking of the Ady Gil. Also, Ady Gil has publicly stated on his Facebook page, that he stands behind Pete 100% and that he is disappointed in Sea Shepherd.
        So it does actually make sense that Ady would put his money behind Pete again.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        @ hufingraz.
        you seem to be well connected. please can you give a link with info about the halloween party, sounds so interesting such a celeb halloween party, maybe even Michael will puts that info on Ecoprazzi…(if it really happened that is..)
        Facebook of Ady Gil ? Thats interesting. Please give us a link so we all can read what mr Gil himself writes about the issue.

      • DavidP

        Actually, Ady does support Pete, and Pete was a guest at Ady’s masquerade ball on Friday. If you really want Ady’s Facebook page, search for Ady Gil. He’s a pretty nice guy, and is open to new friends. He also posted pics of his masquerade ball on his facebook page with Pete dressed up as an ant (everyone was dressed up as an animal, with the attempt to have not too many people dressed alike). Pete and Ady are very good friends.

        Pete also did not choose the title of the book, it was chosen by his publisher. The book is about more than just the boarding of the SM2, it’s also about Earthrace and the world record attempts.

  • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

    that guy really makes me sick. he has joined Sea Shepherd campaigns for just one year but at the slightest scuffle with the organisation (who paid a half million for his legal defense) mr Bethune becomes a backstabber. The guy feels he isnt treated correct by the SSCS so he simply starts war with people who defends whales since decades. Crazy. Look at the cover of his book. What an inflated ego from a guy who just volunteered for one campaign and now thinks he is some bigshot Whale Warrior. Probably his book includes petty gutter facts tabloid style that have nothing to do with the war on whaling and in fact only will harm the movement. Pete , you make me sick …

    • Malcolm Green

      Simple fact is that Pete wouldn’t have become a backstabber if Paul Watson wasn’t such a pathetic liar. Got shot? Arrows in the wreckage planted by the ICR? Anyone with half a brain can see that Paul Watson is full of it. He bears the ultimate responsibility for his abuse of the media.

      Yet some people want to donate money to his organization anyway. Rather foolish aren’t they.

      • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

        i think nobody takes it seriously that Paul Watson was shot. That story never did make any sense from any point of view anyway. But the point is, Pete feels he is treated badly and unjust, right ? That might be true or that might be not true. But whats the greater good in it by making this extremely personal and fighting it out on the streets and by trying to blackmail Paul Watson and threatening to discredit the organisation ? I just dont get it. If Bethune feels he is treated unjust, he should swallow his pride, think about the greater good and dont take it personal, and in dignity starts his own campaign. What does the guy want ? Saving whales like Paul Watson and his SSCS with its many dedicated volunteers who are also affected by Bethunes smear campaign, or just live his fantasy ego trip of being this weeks Whale Warrior ?

      • Hufingraz


        So you think it is ok to support an organization that lies to it’s supporters, especially about stuff like getting “shot” or “anthrax” scares? Both of those events were clearly staged and for what reason? Better TV ratings? How many whales did that save?

  • Lee Richmond

    You people, who have done nothing with your sad little lives except sit on a computer, really should read the book before commenting on what you know nothing about, except what you see on tv and facebook. It’s a brilliant book, written by a great guy who has got a pretty raw deal. SSCS are amazing, but they are not perfect. Neither is Pete. But he actually had a go at trying to make the world a better place, something that none of you have. So put up or shut up.

    • Lyn

      I agree with you Lee. Isn’t about the bigger picture? I am friends with Larry Routledge and I have to take my hat off to ANYONE who at least DOES something! We should be standing together working towards saving this mortal coil, no matter how big all small the contribution. Personally I LOVED the book and am going to buy it when its available in South Africa. BTW Pete has just been to Nam with Larry to help seals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hart-Noecker/100001623066825 Hart Noecker

    Many SSCS crew have toughed it out in jail and didn’t sing like a bird. I think Paul had serious doubts about letting a dude with a crying problem get taken into Japanese custody. Pete’s not the kind of ‘nobody talks, everybody walks’ activist that keeps their cool. Here’s hoping Pete starts his own group and gains a bit of experience on his own about direct action.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      right, and he should start with protesting at his local fur shop, or handing out leaflets when circus hits town, he really misses that kind of simple dedicated roots activism and he might become more humble.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Nancy

    Before you comment negativly on Pete’s book, READ IT! It is not at all like you are describing, its a great read and he in no way makes himself out to be a hero. Remember, when he wrote this book it was supposed to be sold by SSCS so why would it would it be trash talking them? Pete has also stated the book title was not even his idea and dislikes it because it makes him sound like a “wanker”. As far as Ady Gil siding with Pete over Paul, Mr. Gil has made posts on his personal facebook page stating he knows what kind of man Paul is and believes his friend Pete. I encourage you all to go to Ady’s facebook and read his posts for yourself. Should Pete have thrown a temper tantrum and had it out with Paul via email? NO! Should Pete have succumed to the peer pressure from Paul to scuttle the Ady? NO! Should Paul be lying to save face, NO! Both men were wrong. Pete doesnt view himself as a hero tho. It is his fans that do. Unlike Paul, Pete has some modesty left. As far as singing like a bird.. I’d like to see you sit in prision for 5 months. Other members have been in jail, but for 60 days. Not 5 months! Paul complains he is on an interpool list which months ago he stated didnt even matter. Point is, We will never know the truth about what happened. In the mean time, can we just go on tying to save whales??

  • http://www.yahoo.com Nancy

    Also, you know how people say anti SSCS people are “trolling”.. well it seems to me more SSCS people/fans are “trolling” now too. Remember, we all have the same goal. I hope you all are joining in your local anti whaling day protests on Nov. 5th. http://www.wwawd.org its gonna be a good time!!!

    • Hufingraz

      I agree. There are probably more trolls that support SS, than trolls that are against it. Paul Watson is probably the biggest troll of all time. It seems like all Paul does is cruise sites like Ecorazzi. I often wonder how the leader of a large organization has enough time to constantly comment on these sites. I used to support SS, but I am now realizing SS is a bunch of liars, with an egomaniac at the helm.

  • Hufingraz

    I just ordered the book and can hardly wait for it to get here. Pete has more balls than any of the current or former members of Sea Shepherd, including Paul. If it wasn’t for Pete, season 3 of Whale Wars would have been a failure, just like season 2.

  • AnimuX

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many people act so offended by what Paul Watson says despite the fact that it has absolutely no tangible affect on them what-so-ever.

    Meanwhile the same Paul Watson has voluntarily put himself between whalers and whales since 1975.

    Ignorance and the media play a major role in the Whale War and other conservation issues and like a good political operative playing for the cameras, Watson uses the media for the benefit of the cause and not his personal reputation.

    For f—s sake, he’s been wearing that costume strapped with badges and patches for cameras for decades and people still don’t get it.

    The show must go on because without the controversy the story dies and when the story dies the people ignore the plight of the whales just as they ignore every other environmental issue that doesn’t directly affect them.

    • Hufingraz

      Actually, the show could go on without the controversy. The people that I personally got to support SS, did it because the cause is a noble one, not because of the controversies(or lies). No one cares if Paul got shot, or who rammmed who. The reason people support SS is because watching a whale get harpooned is horrific and it is nice to see someone settle the score with the whalers.

      • AnimuX

        Interesting that you had to “get” people to support Sea Shepherd despite that the “Save the Whales” movement started in the 1970s.

        There is a reason people tend to forget and ignore issues like this and the reason is the media stops paying attention to it.

        Greenpeace, WDCS, WSPA, HSUS and too MANY other international conservation groups filmed whales getting harpooned and informed a lot of people and that’s well and good but largely forgotten by most.

        That is until “Whale Wars” and the controversial antics of Paul Watson appeared in people’s living rooms on Animal Planet bringing a real conflict to millions of viewers.

        Unfortunately, some think a debate about whether a shooting was staged on television is somehow more compelling than the systematic destruction of whales in violation of international agreements. Hence the ever increasing ratings.

      • Hufingraz

        I didn’t have to “get” them to support SS. I just had to inform them on what was happening in the Southern Oceans and then show them an episode of “Whale Wars”. Whale Wars has brought more attention to the whaling issue, than the “Save the Whales” movement ever did. People don’t care about the controversies such as the “shooting” or “anthrax scare”. People watch the show because Sea Shepherd is actually standing up to the whalers. Until Whale Wars, everyday people didn’t get to see what was happening in the Southern Oceans. Once they seen what was happening, than people wanted to see it stopped. All these other groups such as Greenpeace may have filmed a whale being killed, but none of them were doing anything to stop it. That is why people support SS, is because they are actually intervening.

    • josh lamb

      He does not care about the show. He loves animals, and being at sea for almost 35 years is his driver. You have some deluded thought about Captain Watson.

      • Hufingraz

        Well, if Paul doesn’t care about the show, why does he stage events(such as the shooting & anthrax scare) to get TV ratings? Before Whale Wars, most people didn’t have a clue who Sea Shepherd or Paul Watson was. It was Paul that went to the Discovery channel & ask them for a show, not vice versa. Whale Wars has brought SS alot of fame & fortune. Before Whale Wars, SS hardly had enough money to even go to the Southern Oceans.

      • AnimuX

        Look, Watson has built Sea Shepherd up from nothing. The first time he went out to intervene against whaling was in 1975 with the original Greenpeace. It was the first time ANYBODY had ever attempted such an action against whaling.

        He’s gone out with little money and no media attention and he’s gone out with loads of donations and full television camera crews.

        So, it’s not all about the show. In my opinion, the show, and the controversy, is a means to an end. The end of whaling.

      • josh lamb

        @Huff The shooting was obvious, and if you watched the show you would know they didnt focus on the “gun shot” very much at all, because they knew it to. The anthrax was not a staged event, alot of anthrax scares happen to alot of people. And you are very true barely no one knew about SS, but they still tried there hardest, and I think they went 4 years of going down there before the show came on, with the same tactics such as ramming ships, throwing butyaric acid.

  • AnimuX

    As for the idea that Pete Bethune has more guts or has done more for whales than so many other activists, I must disagree.

    If, 20 years from now, Pete is still physically intervening against whaling, IUU fishing and other industries that operate by subverting or violating international regulations or cruelly destroy marine life then he might earn such praise.

    For now, Pete is only one of many activists who have put themselves in harms way for environmental causes.

    Anybody can give a moment of their lives for a cause. Very few dedicate their lives to one.

    And some have lost their lives… How many of them can you name right now?

    I guess it’s just too bad they didn’t get the opportunity to write a book about their “adventures” after publicly trashing an environmental organization for making them famous…

  • josh lamb

    What the hell? He was out there for 3 months! He wrote a book?! Hes so stupid.

    • http://www.herwinsvegancafe.com herwin

      :-P you are so right. And is most remarkable contribution seems to be cracking jokes with the fellas while a whaling vessel heads for the Ady Gil and he just sits and dont do anything until the whalers ram the Ady Gil.

  • http://www.wildnewjersey.tv Michelle Berdin

    Sea Shepherd visited New Jersey this past spring and most of their volunteers were very committed to the cause but at the same time people who were down to earth. Can’t say that for Pete necessarily. Here’s the video that ran on WildNewJersey.tv:


  • cristal

    I cant believe all these people here worried about wether paul got shot or not? Wether paul lied or not? Is pete right? Etc. Who cares. Only those trolls that have sad lives and want to spread the hate care. I dont care. Everything paul does is for the whales. Wether it be a show, wether he tells a white lie to bring much needed attention to the cause, its for the whales! Pete gave 5 months of his life sitting in a prison cell for the whales. He is nothing but a hero. He doesnt call himself a hero but the peopld that care for the whales know that hed a hero. I just got his book in the mail and cant wait to read it.

  • whalewarrior

    You spelled organization wrong.
    Why read the article if all you want to do is state your negative opinion?

  • Mandy Dewhurst

    Read Pete’s Book and thought it was Fantastic! so many laugh and cry moments.

  • Stefanie

    Anyone have a contact email address? I ordered this book a month ago but still haven’t received it :(