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Val Kilmer’s 5,328-acre eco-escape is back on the market — a year after the 50-year-old put the Pecos River Ranch up for nearly $33 million. It’s now back for $23 million, so if you had deep pockets before and were tempted, this new listing should push you over the edge.

Kilmer’s original business plan was to develop high-priced homes, constructed with indigenous materials (adobe, wood, and stone for natural insulation and heat), and featuring solar panels and a wind turbine system. Each house would be required by its “members” to have its own government-certified organic garden; its fruits would go to a co-op.

“It says something that almost 100 percent of the people who come here just feel good,” he said in a 2006 interview.”There’s a right-ness to developing a community that interacts with the local one. I have to develop it because otherwise it’s really wasting the land.”

While I disagree that not developing pristine nature is somehow a “waste of land”, Kilmer nonetheless really enjoyed his time there — and especially took pleasure in escaping to the awesome treehouse he had built above the Pecos river.

Real estate agents say the market for high-end ranches, like other housing, remains soft — so we may yet see the price dive on this piece of Santa Fe wild beauty. Any nature conservation groups interested in taking a look at this one? Check out the full listing here.

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