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Gonna grab some sushi for dinner? Think again! Actor Adrien Grenier is asking friends, fans and foes to do their part to help him preserve the bluefin tuna species.

Grenier has previously worked with Oceana and GQ’s Gentlemen’s Fund to support the breed and recently published a piece on The Huffington Post asking for support.

“Too many of us love to eat them — particularly as sushi or sashimi, says Grenier. “To satisfy our appetite, the fishing industry has developed better and faster techniques for catching bluefin. The tuna industry has also adopted the practice of catching juveniles and “fattening” them in large pens out on the open ocean. The removal of these fish from the wild before they are able to spawn is rapidly becoming one of the biggest threats to their survival.”

The International Convention to Conserve Atlantic Tuna — a watch group organized to oversee the Atlantic bluefin fishing business — is gathering in Paris for their annual meeting later this year. Sadly, according to Grenier, little progress is expected to be made.

“This group…has too often ignored its own scientists’ recommendations for setting responsible tuna quotas. An independent body commissioned to review the organization has called it “‘an international disgrace.'”

Wanna find out more about the bluefin tuna? Check out Adrian’s entire piece at

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