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Michelle Rodriguez Gets Down And Dirty For Sea Shepherd

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A swanky eco-estate, saving whales, Michelle Rodriguez without a shirt or shoes on…what’s not to love?

Rodriguez, Daryl Hannah, Beau Bridges, Isabel Lucas, and Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” star Captain Paul Watson were among the guests at Saturday’s Animal Planet & Sea Shepherd Conservation Society event, where Watson revealed his new Interceptor vessel (see pictures here).

The new vessel will replace the Ady Gil, which was damaged during the last season of “Whale Wars.” The catch is, the Interceptor is not totally paid for yet. Sea Shepherd is seeking an ocean-loving philanthropist to foot the bill ($1 million dollars if you happen to have it handy). What else does that $1 million buy? The vessel that is now being referred to as the Interceptor, will be named after her benefactor. (Editor’s note: Watson has also called it the “Ocean Adventurer”, the original name of the vessel)

Why do Watson and his crew need this big-ticket boat?

“We need a vessel that can keep up and that is faster than the harpoon vessels,” he says. “If we have these guys trailing us, we can’t close in on the mother ship, so if we have a vessel that can outrun them, we’re in a better position.”

Ms. Rodriguez celebrated the occasion by DJing sans T-shirt for a crowd of Hollywood Hills residents, celebs and philanthropists. She must be gearing up for her trip to the Antarctic Ocean this summer, because the woman’s abs look uh-mazing. (Editor’s note: Though there appears to be new doubts over whether she will actually be going this year…)

Here’s what she has to say about why she’s joining Captain Paul Watson and his crew this summer:

“I feel like the government should be backing [Paul] up, not looking at him like some kind of rebel…[Sea Shepherd] is just watching over the laws that already exist…doing the job of governments around the world.”

And what does she want her fans to take away from next season’s “Whale Wars”?

“Balls. Balls to get involved!”

So, let’s all grow a pair?

Check out more info about Sea Shepherd here. Pictures from the evening below.

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