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We love seeing our favorite reality stars practicing what they preach!

In this week’s Star magazine, animal activist extraordinaire Simone Reyes, most recognized from the new reality show Running Russell Simmons, is showing off the many eco and vegan products that make up her fancy purse.

Included in the swag are items like a Stella McCartney wallet, Urban Decay Vegan palette, Adopt-A-Pet leash (for rescuing strays…duh!), and B-Fresh breath mints.

Sound like a bunch of stuff you’d like to have? Well, now you can!

Visit by October 29th and enter to win a $5,000 gift package, which includes Simone’s favorite Cride Coeur Gypsy merlot fringe hobo bag (vegan, of course) and an American Express gift card. On your mark, get set…go!

  • Simone

    Thank you! honored to be mentioned here at one of my FAV sites! oh and we are called RUNNING RUSSELL SIMMONS. Thanks!!!!

  • Kyle Svendsen

    I can’t find where to enter the contest on the Star magazine website. Anyone?

    • Vegan Pimp

      Hi Kyle, perhaps you’ve figured out by now, but in case not, go all the way to the bottom of the page where all the links are for “about””home””subscribe now” etc. Keep reading and you’ll find “sweepstakes”. Click on that and there you go.

  • Sharon a.k.a. Vegan Pimp

    Thanks for this post. Good stuff. It’s great to hear about vegan celebs in the mainstream…happening more and more these days. I can always use a new bag! Wish me luck!

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