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Could PETA’s offer to help Lindsay Lohan with her rehab bills turn into something more than a shot in the dark?

The animal rights org, jumping on reports that Lohan was seeking sponsorship for part of her three-month stint at California’s Betty Ford Clinic, earlier offered $10K if the actress went vegan during that time — and another $10K if she kept it up for a full year.

A “source” told RadarOnline, “Lindsay is seriously considering the offer from PETA. There is thoughtful consideration about PETA’s very generous offer. Lindsay loves animals, and looks at it as a ‘win-win’ since being a vegetarian is a healthier lifestyle that she is striving for.”

“Lindsay would love it if PETA would offer to pay her entire rehab bill,” the source added. “However, she isn’t expecting that to happen, and is just grateful for the offer PETA has made.”

RadarOnline estimates Lohan’s total bills for the clinic to be somewhere around $150K. So far, the only other sponsorship offer she’s received is from a porn company. Something tells me the vegan ticket would be the better one for her career.

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  • Bob

    Since when is being a vegetarian a healthier lifestyle?

    • Stephanie


      That’s a joke right?

    • John

      “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life-cycle including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood and adolescence and for athletes.”

      • David

        That doesn’t say healthier it says healthy.

      • herwin

        thats great to hear from David that a vegetarian diet is healthy…:-P

    • georgina

      Ask my gallbladder. In 10 years of living in this country and eating a Western diet my gallbladder got full of stones and had to come out last year. Since then i became a vegetarian, then a vegan and guess what, i do not get sick anymore.

      • David

        First that is anecdotal evidence, your situation may not translate to other people.

        Second you are assuming that the ‘Western’ diet caused the problem. Maybe your gallbladder would have caused problems no matter what diet you ate.

        And third since you seem to be saying that you had the gallbladder removed and became a vegetarian at about the same time, maybe the removal of the gallbladder fixed the problem and the new diet had nothing to do with it.

      • Taproot

        Also since then you haven’t had a gallbladder.

  • herwin

    go and ask at a vegetarian forum !!

  • John

    Cat and Dog overpopulation has been a problem for decades. 2/3 of all shelter animals are killed and turned into livestock feed. It is possible for this problem to end. All it would take is money for public education campaigns and for providing spay/neutering services at affordable prices.

    It is disgusting that one of the largest animal welfare organizations would spend so much money so frivolously when so many animals are suffering.

    • herwin

      PETA has a very high profile long time running media campaign to promote neutering and spaying cats and dogs, so theres no need to blame Peta for ignoring this problem. They are offering 10K to a celeb, the money isnt paid yet and most likely they never will fork over that money. Its a publicity stunt, (thats Peta), didnt costs nothing and eventually also will generate publicity for the dog and cat overpopulation problem when new people will visit Petas website.

  • Nancy

    I am completely disgusted with PETA’s decision to sponsor Lindseys rehab. It is a waste of money that could be used on many other, better, things. I have lost so much respect for PETA over this and will no longer donate my money knowing it goes to such a worthless and frivolous cause. PETA used to be about the animals…

    • herwin

      Are you the same Nacy that “is completely disgusted with Sea Shepherd and no longer will donate money to Sea Shepherd” ?

  • Ingrid

    Sponsoring Lohan’s recovery is a profound disrespect for the people who donate money to PETA. Many people make sacrifices to donate their money. Even if someone is wealthy they are donating their money to help animals, not to do something like this.

    • georgina

      John? Ingrid? Well then do not donate to them anymore! That solves your issue with PETA. Their spay and neutering programs are very prominent and can’t be ignored. Unless people live under a rock everyone has heard of PETA and their in-your-face and unorthodox approach, which is why many people still donate to them.

      • herwin

        @ Ingrid (or John ?? look at photo !) Peta isnt sponsoring Lohans recovery.
        And as Georgina says, if you are uncomfortable with PETA , than dont donate.
        Everybody knows PETA and thats why people donate to PETA because PETA is PETA.

  • guest

    I think the problem with PETA’s campaigns is that they draw more attention to PETA than the issue or the campaign. Sure, if Lindsey went vegan and promoted the diet, there would be some converts but most who convert because of something like this probably do it only short-term. I became a vegetarian on my own but vegan twenty years ago because of PETA so PETA clearly does (or did) some good work. That said, I think the long-term results are with their advocacy/education and not their activism.

    I’m not sure where I’m going with this except why not use the $20K to feed the homeless some healthy vegan meals on Thanksgiving? Unless Lindsey has that strong of an influence on the eating habits of her fans, I imagine more human and animal lives would be helped/saved that way. To a poor or out of work or hungry person, I can’t imagine how outrageous giving $20K to a morally and financially bankrupt celebrity seems.

  • Kate

    I CAN NOT believe ANYONE would donate money to PETA! It is so sad that they endorse such a disgusting misappropriation of funds! A rehab bill? Really?! Isn’t the money donated supposed to benefit the animals? Why is PETA only interested in the Hollywood fights? So pathetic that PETA is more interested in being popular with Hollywood then standing up for what is right for the animals and spending their DONATED money on things that really matter. I am vegan and a proud supporter of animal rights causes… Check out FARM SANCTUARY if you want to see a group that is actually in it for the animals… but I would NEVER give one dollar to PETA and their pathetic endorsements.

    • David

      But if spending $10,000 on sponsoring Lindsay brings in an additional $100,000 in donations, then wouldn’t it be a proper use of the money?

  • Lady Lee

    You can still be a vegan drug addict. (RIP River Phoenix) I’m questioning my support of PETA with this … eating meat is certainly not Lohan’s biggest demon to conquer at present. This is bordering on exploitation of her drug habit.