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Much like Daryl Hannah before her, Michelle Rodriguez’s much-publicized plans to join the Sea Shepherd on their upcoming anti-whaling campaign in the Antarctic have been cancelled.

Video of her indicating as much first surfaced from the red carpet during the Sea Shepherd benefit in LA a few weeks back. A recent article on Treehugger talking about her “Eco Maverick” award from Opportunity Green also mentions her absence this year.

“I’m not going to make it to this run at the end of the year,” she said in a video by The Fashion Patrol. “I have to go work. I have to go make some money — because I want to do three months. I don’t want to go for a month and sit around and look cute. I want the full experience and in order to do the full three-month run, I’ve got to have some cash. I’m just bummed that it’s not going to be this year and will be next.”

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  • Nancy

    Suprise Suprise! I knew she would flake out. Quite frankly Im glad. I never cared for her and Im happy she wont be stealing the spotlight from its true stars. The REAL volunteers and the whales!! “I have to work- to make money”- RIGHT.. cuz the millions from Avatar werent enought. You disgust me Michelle.

  • Robert

    >Quite frankly Im glad. I never cared for her and Im happy she wont be >stealing the spotlight from its true stars. The REAL volunteers and the >whales!!


    I agree. From the moment it was announced she was joining the campaign I was afraid this would turn into a “Michelle spotlight” because she is this big Hollywood figure. She knew that joining SS would take her away from a job for up to five months. To think any differently is either asking for special treatment or not knowing what the campaign truly entails. Now her spot can be filled by someone more committed to the cause.

  • WeHoShepherd

    How can you idiots be mad likeshesflakinh, if anything this shows she’s MORE committed because she wants to do the long haul trip. And Nancy, you got a thing or two to learn about Hollywood if you think the supporting actors from Avatar got to share in the massive profits, lol. If I recall correctly Michelle said she drives a Prius and rents a small house, so obviously she’s not rolling in it.

    Anyway when celebs get involved, these issues and missions are publicized and it HELPS the cause. She’s been out there raising money and hosting events for SS and Paul Watson seems to love her so you should be THANKING her for bringing attention to their amazing campaign instead of hating on her becaus she’s making plans to do it for real and working to pay her bills like the rest of us.

  • David

    Many of the volunteers don’t stay for the whole 3 month campaign and I doubt any of the other volunteers make anywhere near the amount of money she does. In fact she has probably made more money in the last few years than most of them will make in their whole life.

    But she wants the whole 3 month experience and she has to make some money. Yeah sure.

    I disagree with the whole operation but at least I can respect the volunteers commitment. Obviously she doesn’t have any commitment or honor.

    • From MN, with hope…

      Here is where we can agree. You’re a movie star Michelle, you have made MILLIONS. Probably more than Sea Shepherd made last year just from Avatar. Way to flake. You shall not be missed on the campaign.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Haha I doubt she made more than Sea Shepherd. That violent organisation is raking in the big bucks from their yearly fund raising cruises in the Southern Ocean. And of course all this money means it’s pay day for Captain Criminal Conviction himself – he’s drawing huge pay cheques from the Sea Shepherd coffeurs.

      So in reality, Watson and his organisation are the only ones making money from whaling in the Southern Ocean. Slightly ironic, don’t you agree?

      But don’t let that stop you donating. Watson’s got a glamorous lifestyle to maintain and he needs your support!

      • AnimuX

        Pro-whaling antagonists continue to make false accusations about what Sea Shepherd does with its donations.

        The fact is, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has received high ratings as a charity organization for spending most of its donations on operational costs rather than overhead (ie: very little goes to administrative costs like salaries).

      • ednakano

        SSCS have subsiediary to money laundering. Once some money booked as expense and then it go to ALF or SHAC.

      • josh lamb

        SSCS recieved 8million last year.
        Avatar Made 1.9Billion

        Pretty sure she made more

        @ednakano Evidence?

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    This is ridiculous! If it’s money she’s after, the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling campaign is the place to be – there’s big bucks to be made there! She really should have just asked Watson to cut her a pay cheque like he does for himself. He’s getting filthy rich from this anti-whaling business, surely he could splash some of the profits around for his hired goons??

    I wonder what the real reason for her drop out is though… maybe she was getting too much attention and stealing the limelight from Watson and had to be cut loose (ala Pete Bethune)?

    Or perhaps she got a last minute pang on conscience about committing illegal acts of violence against civilian mariners conducting a legally sancation research activity on the high seas…?

    • josh lamb

      8million is very small
      GP’s was just over 300million

  • Hart Noecker

    Celebrities go home. Only real monkey-wrenchers need apply.

  • ednakano

    This cancellation is planned from the begginning.
    She will be crew of SSCS if she have no offer and she will accept any offer to make money. Doesn’t she have money for another 2 months off? Why she find shortage of money now?

  • Molly

    I love it…
    She doesn’t have enough money to go on a Sea Shepherd campaign but school teachers and students do.

  • romika3

    I would suspect that she pulled out because she finially realized the truth about the SSCS or she was advised to do so by her agent, who most likely arranged the initial meetings between her and Wastson. I have a funny feeling that this years antics in the southern ocean may not pan out as Watson is expecting. In the news today is YouTube’s decision to pull all videos that incite violence. I expect that SSCS videos will soon be absent from that site this year as they to incite violence.

    • ednakano

      Good news!

      • josh lamb

        she pulled out because she has a video taping in january

  • Shelly

    Actually, Michelle’s not going because a shooting schedule was moved forward and she’s under contract and therefore legally obliged to complete that work. Compared to massive amount of celebrities that do nothing about charity at all, or that don’t put any effort into working for a charity, I think Michelle’s incredible. If she’s willing to donate 3 months of her time to being on the ship, and travel the world publicising the charity then she deserves some respect. Especially from people who cant even be bothered to get their facts straight before they start judging. You should be ashamed of yourselves

    • David

      Sorry, but if she has a contract that specifies when the shoot was scheduled and they changed the schedule then she is no longer bound by the contract. Both sides have to meet their respective obligations, so the shooter can’t just change the contract without the permission of the other party to the contract.

  • Tanya M Mead