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Pink's 'Raise Your Glass' Video Showcases Anti-Bullfighting Message

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Pop singer Pink is once again using her musical abilities to speak up for important social issues.

In her latest music video for the song “Raise Your Glass,” the rocker touches on hot topics like same-sex marriage and animal abuse, specifically bullfighting.

In one segment, Pink steps out in front of a bull during a rodeo and raises a sword to the matador execution style. Yikes!

Although Pink hasn’t participated in any anti-bullfighting campaigns that we know of, the singer is a passionate animal advocate and has worked with PETA on numerous occasions.

“It’s little wonder that Pink’s video is so cutting-edge and thought-provoking,” says PETA. “After all, it was directed by another PETA friend—the fabulous (and vegan!) Dave Meyers, who directed our sizzling Alicia Silverstone public service announcement.”

Check out the video on MTV.com and tell us what you think? Is Pink’s political message up your alley? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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  • Dino Farerra

    No other species can create music videos, or use the internet. Just because other species don’t do something, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Also, other species (e.g. cats, dogs) will drink cow’s milk when given the opportunity.

    • veganme

      Not in nature! Only because dumb humans give it to them!

  • Blaksheep88

    I realize this comment was posted a year ago, but the cows are forcibly impregnated over and over to produce milk, their calves are taken from them shortly after birth (because if the babies getting the milk, they can’t sell it, now can they?), the female calves will go to replace the dairy cows and the male calves go to veal farms or get left for dead on the side of the road. They’re not useful to the industry. The mothers are slaughtered after about 4 or 5 years because their production slows and they’re no longer profitable. Actually, fun fact, the dairy industry recently killed 500,000 young cows just to drive up prices! http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2011/11/dairy-industry-making-a-killing-by-killing-cows/

    Vegans, specifically do not believe in exploiting animals, so these things would fall under the broader category of exploitation. Vegetarians may choose not to drink milk because of the links to the meat industry and other cruel practices.

    Finally, women don’t have to be *pregnant* to produce milk, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to nurse once the baby was born. Pregnancy starts the production, but it continues for a bit after birth in order for the baby to be fed.

  • Veganme

    So James, if the Spannish were abusing children instead of Bulls, woudl you suggest Pink just shut up and let them get on with that too?! Animals, where EVER they are in the world, deserve our protection.

  • veganme

    Oh tizzy your poor uninformed person, let’s educate you!
    No you don’t need to BE pregnant to produce milk; you need to have BEEN pregnant to produce milk! My milk came in when my baby was born.
    The farmers don’t kill the dairy cow for milk (until her milk production slows; then they slaughter her becuase she’s no use any more..) but they DO torture her – by taking her babies away at hours, minutes or days old!! The dairy cows physically and vocally show their distress at having their new borns ripped away from them like any human mother would! The baby cows also pine for their mother… that is, until they are murdered for veal! So with every glass of milk there is a pound of veal; the cruelest meat in the trade, kept in disgustingly small ‘veal crates’ to create a texture humans want, while hurting and depriving the animal.
    Oh yes, see no harm in dairy now?!
    We are the ONLYanimal to carry on consuming milk in to adulthood; it’s not natural or needed! We are also the only animals to consume another animals milk; also far FAR from natural!!

  • veganme

    What because it upsets you to be shown the truth?
    There is nothing inappropriate about the video; there is everything inappropriate about animal abuse.

  • veganme

    YOU totally missed her point. It was suppose dto make you realise that if it’s disgusting to explot women like that; then it is disgusting to explot cows like that. This is why the world will struggle to all go vegan; some people are too thick to see sense.

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