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Actress/activist Elissa Sursara is doing her part to speak up for marine animals everywhere.

On Friday, November 5th, Sursara participated in a Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day protest outside the Japanese Embassy in Brisbane, Australia.

The actress was joined by Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson and a slew of other energetic activists who were protesting the brutal whale hunts in Japan, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, which takes the lives of thousands of whales each year.

“It was organized by a great guy named Brett Hobbs, a co-coordinator for Sea Shepherd Brisbane. The crowd was huge,” Sursara said. “We were a big, enthusiastic and friendly group. The turnout was amazing and the result was even better.”

What’s next for the budding activist? Sursara plans to travel to Taiji, Japan next month to join forces with The Cove’s Ric O’Barry.

Check out Sursara’s video from the event below. Looks like some exciting stuff!

  • Nancy

    Its great she is going to Taiji. We need celebs there to help rasie awareness to the brutal murders happening there. Also great to hear she particiated in wwawd. It was a great day for the whales!!

    • ednakano

      Crazy Animal-rights believer will not make any difference in Taiji. See could not Stop hunting.
      And she support Eco-terrorist like ALF. She is really crazy.

    • Malcolm Green

      There are no murders taking place in Taiji. If one wishes to call killing animals “murder”, then after re-defining the English language, there are places for this young attention seeking actress to go to cry about much closer to home than preying on innocent people who’s only crimes are being of a different culture and living on the other side of the planet. This young actress could reduce her environmental footprint by raising attention to those closer-to-home issues first rather than unnecessarily contributing to CO2 omissions with a futile Japan visit.

      But it’s not about the environment, it’s about publicity mostly and possible to some extent deluding oneself into believing that one is actually having a positive impact on the world.

      A little less self-centered arrogance and ignorance, a little more education and tolerance is in order.

    • imforthewhales

      Good work by those who care. Good work by those who care about life and the natural world. A great turn out and this type of protest will continue to grow as long as the Japanese whalers continue their bloody business.

      The pro whalers will be on here displaying their ignorance once again…bitterly fighting a fight that they cannot hope to win and showing that they operate in a state of complete denial.

      People will not give in to groups who promote nothing else but pain and suffering, to animals and to people.

      To the brainiacs who think that two wrongs always make a right, or merely offer their thoughts on what people should be doing with their time, how about you take some of your own advice, pick a cause you believe in and make something happen yourselves instead of moaning about others who are making a difference.

  • Mick

    “…activists who were protesting the brutal whale hunts in Japan, Iceland, Norway and Denmark..”

    “The crowd was huge,”

    They forgot to mention the brutal American and Russian whale hunts, as usual.

    The “crowd” didn’t look anywhere near “huge”. It looked like there were only 20 or so people.

    • imforthewhales

      Why weren’t you there Mick? You don’t care for whaling, you should have turned up and offered your support to the whale activists.

  • Jon Soeder

    It is great that there are people out there who recognize that there is a balance in life that is being destroyed.

    It is wonderful that there are those who have become aware that the whale and the dolphin have no human voice with which to cry out. That these creatures have no way to protect themselves.

    So it is up to man to recognize that man has to change things. Currently whale meat makes up only 1% of a Japanese diet. So these incredibly huge and intelligent creatures are being killed just for the taste of their flesh. Animals that have been shown to be second in intelligence to man, and now actually linked in DNA to man.

    What is missed is that the Japanese have overfished their own waters and now seek other oceans to deplete. They have deep pockets and so are willing to convnce others that it is OK to kill a sentient being. And sentient it is. It is far easier to say they are just fish, or that it is in tradition or culturally correct. Well, how many other species has man ended. He has even done in his own kind. 2000 american indian tribes for one.

    So I think any help from any one who recognizes the need for change is great and I thank them.

    • Mick

      @Jon Soeder

      “Animals that have been shown to be second in intelligence to man..”

      “That these creatures have no way to protect themselves.”

      That is rather contradictory. If whales intelligence was indeed second to man, then they would be able to find ways to protect themselves. They wouldn’t need humans to protect them. While whales are more intelligent than other animals, they are still animals.

      • Chris H.

        Humans are also animals, or did you forget that?

      • Mick

        @Chris H

        “Humans are also animals, or did you forget that?”

        Humans are quite different from animals. Of course, if you wish to lower yourself to the level of an animal; be my guest.

      • Chris H.


        if you’re not an animal, then I guess you must be either a plant, a fungus, a protist, or a bacteria.

        Please inform as to which of the other kingdoms you fit into…

      • herwin

        uh, oh, seems like “mick” is showing his true colors, that he thinks he is better and higher than “animals” (which is a term that includes earwurms and elephantas alike, so a highly broad term)
        Dont you know, mr Mick, that many animals represent qualities that we people admire, such as bravery and strenght, and that we can find that all over our culture, up to highest form in where countries officially use animals such as eagles and lions, like the United States, because we admire the qualities of these animals, and we even aspire to get these qualities. In this way its the other way around, by aspiring these qualities which are represented in animals, we actually try to elevate ourself ! (instead of lowering ourself)

      • Mick

        @Chris H & imforthewhales

        Chris, obviously I was refering to intelligence, not biology, in regards to humans and animals. Well, maybe not so obvious for you.


        Yes, I do indeed consider myself to be better and higher than animals. If you and Chris want to think of yourselves as “earwurms” or “elephantas”, that is your business and your right.

      • Chris H.


        you said “Humans are quite different from animals”, which is incorrect.

        Humans ARE animals, and regardless of whether you are talking about intelligence, speed, strength, visual acuity, or body odor, it does not change the fact that humans are animals…

        Btw, I don’t consider it to be “lowering [my]self” if I refer to myself as an animal. We are what we are, and what we are is most accurately described by the word “animal”, whether that offends your sensibilities or not.

      • Mick

        @Chris H

        “Humans ARE animals, and regardless of whether you are talking about intelligence, speed, strength, visual acuity, or body odor, it does not change the fact that humans are animals…”

        1. any member of the kingdom Animalia, comprising multicellular organisms that have a well-defined shape and usually limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally, and have sensory and nervous systems that allow them to respond rapidly to stimuli: some classification schemes also include protozoa and certain other single-celled eukaryotes that have motility and animallike nutritional modes.

        2. any such living thing other than a human being.

        Clearly, I was refering to the second definition of “animal”. Were you being deliberately obtuse or did you really not understand?
        Humans are quite different from animals in regards to their spiritual and intellectual nature. At best, animals are a poor and distant second to humans in these respects.

      • Chris H.

        Mick (David),

        I notice that you did not include a source for your definitions…

        I was not being deliberately obtuse, I was pointing out a flaw in your argument. Did you not understand that?

      • herwin

        @ David (aka Mick)
        nr 2 is a rather nonsense defenition of what is an animal ; “any living being other than a human being”
        According to this brilliant defenition plants and mushrooms are animals, do you realise that ?
        anyway, even if “animals” (a very wide group of living beings ranging from parasitical wurms to chimpansees that actually can have simple conversations with humans and make paintings..) are “diferent” from “human beings”, that doesnt mean that one is “higher” than the other.
        Using Human Standards to decide who is the highest and noblest living creature on this planet isnt fair of course, because Humand Standards will “prove” that humans are better. (logical, right ?)
        besides, “inteligence” doesnt score so well on who’s the highest creature. The creators of the barbaric systematic killings of jews during ww2 are pretty inteligent people, and so are serial killers who have a creepy high inteligence many times.
        For deciding which creature is Highest you better should look at qualities such as kindness, wisedom, etc. And you know what ? anybody with these and other high qualities couldnt care less which creature is so-called “higher” or “lower”..

      • Mick

        @Chris H

        “I notice that you did not include a source for your definitions…”

        My source? For the definition of a word? It’s called a ‘dictionary’.

        “I was not being deliberately obtuse, I was pointing out a flaw in your argument.”

        That is what you believe, however you are laboring under a false assumption. Your statements are based on the incorrect assumption that I was refering to the zoological definition of the word ‘animal’. As I have already stated, I was not. Your persistence in continuing to argue a point that is clearly incorrect, apparently stems from your inability to comprehend English. Or perhaps it is due to you having some kind of mental disability. This would also explain why you have made the false assumption that david and I are the same person. We are not.

      • Mick


        “nr 2 is a rather nonsense defenition of what is an animal ; “any living being other than a human being”
        According to this brilliant defenition plants and mushrooms are animals, do you realise that ?”

        If you disagree with the definition provided, you should take your complaint to the english language experts who wrote the dictionary I referenced. I’m quite sure the experts would be fascinated with your opinion.

        “parasitical wurms”

        By the way, what are these “wurms” that both you and imforthewhales have mentioned?
        I see that you also refered to me as “david”, just like Chris H. Do you also have the same comprehension deficiency and/or learning disablility as he does? Or maybe you, Chris H and imforthewhales share the same brain?

      • Chris H.

        Thanks Mick,

        I can see from your responses that you really are David…

        I just needed a little confirmation.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Hey you pro-whaling types should lighten up there.

    Appearing at anti-whaling rallies and holidaying in Taiji is a quick and effective way for Hollywood bimbos to generate publicity and immediately develop their “conservationist” credentials. It’s quick, easy and fun.

    Just be thankful that she’s not throwing acid at anyone. Yet.

    • Chris H.


      I’m willing to bet that you’ve eaten and drunk substances that are more acidic than butyric acid.

      Butyric acid is a weak acid that has about the same pH as acetic acid (i.e. vinegar).

      Speaking of how to generate publicity, isn’t this how you do it?

      Isn’t this one of your other companies (besides Omeka)?

      Btw, congrats on being a “Consulting Advisor” to Imperial Tobacco, NZ. Are you advising them how to sell more cigarettes to kids? Hey, if it’s legal, why not, right?

  • Nancy

    I agree we should focus more on the animal abuse happening in the US. Slaughter houses keep animals in disgusting conditions before they are brutally murdered. I encourage everyone to speak out against the cruel treatment of animals in the US. I encourage Japan to join us in protesting our slaughter houses. And I dare you to take it one step further and quit eating meat!
    Dolphins and Whales are not just like cows and chickens (which is the usual, tired arguement). Not only do they hugely effect our ecosystem but they are not mass produced or genetically engineered like cows are. Anyone who makes this agruement is clearly ignorant to truth and facts.
    These japanese men are murderers! And so are people who work in slaughter houses in the US and across the world. These Taiji poachers are the worst in their class! Evil, evil, souless men.
    Regarding the whaling in the US- some remote tribes still whale because it is really a part of their culture. They may kill 2-10 whales a year and actually use ALL of it to survive. Huge difference between real culture and fake commerical lets make a profit and pretend its our culture. Boycott!!!

    • Mick


      “Regarding the whaling in the US- some remote tribes still whale because it is really a part of their culture. They may kill 2-10 whales a year…”

      Actually, natives in Alaska kill an average of 50 endangered Bowhead whales a year. In 2001 they killed 75 Bowhead whales.

  • imforthewhales

    The California Gray Whale Coalition, in its petition, attributes the threat to gray whales to five main causes: over-estimating the population which has led to over-harvesting; the drop in cow/calf numbers; predation by orcas; major changes in habitat and prey due to climate change; and a reduction in available prey species.

    The gray whale, which undertakes one of the longest annual migrations of any mammal traveling between 9,000 and 12,500 miles a year between the Arctic and the Baja Peninsula, is particularly susceptible to climate change.

    Currently, the International Whaling Commission has a quota for gray whales of 140 per year, most of which is designated for a Russian exception to the commercial whaling ban for “aboriginal/subsistence whaling.”

    The Native American Makah Tribe of Washington — which has traditionally hunted gray whales — has sought a waiver to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, but legal challenges have mostly prevented the Makah from hunting.

    “If the gray whale were listed as depleted then (National Marine & Fisheries Service) could not support the waiver to the Marine Mammal Protection Act,” Eagle said.

    Arnold and the coalition argue that the IWC quota was set on faulty population figures and hopes to see a moratorium placed on all gray whale hunting.

    The gray whale population data due out next year from NOAA should help clarify the matter.

    “I think it’s time for a new population estimate,” Gerber said. “The new data will be interesting, and if that suggests a steep decline there is merit to the petition.”…9884#post99884

  • imforthewhales

    Whale gum (kujira haguki/????) Davidattokyo had recently in Kanda.

    “It’s quite soft and tasty.”

    Were you researching this david?



  • Laurita

    Elissa Sursara is a stalker of Isabel Lucas who has never MET her, is not a celebrity, and plants false articles in the press to try and gain fame.
    Isabel Lucas has not met her.
    Justin Bieber has not met her.
    Chace Crawford has not met her.
    And any professional pics of her are incorrectly captioned.
    She’s not a celebrity, she’s a fake. Beware.

  • Susan


    i suppose this Laurita character has met Jusitn Bieber, Chace Crawford and Isabel Lucas to be able to speak so confident when she says elissa has never met any of them. Besides, her point is silly as elissa has already said her and Isabel have never met and that she is not/was not with justin bieber. What is she even talking about chace crawford for anyway, IVE never even heard that one so whos the real stalker here ?? maybe you should be more concerned with weather or not you mix your whites with your darks when youre doing your laundry pal. youre bitching is really trivial





  • Mick

    A few facts regarding whaling:

    From 1985/86 to 2008/09 a total of 20,248 whales were killed Under Objection whaling.

    From 1985 to 2008 a total of 7,892 whales were killed under Aboriginal Subsistence whaling.

    From 1986/87 to 2008/09 a total of 13,313 whales were killed under Scientific Permit whaling.

    Even if the ICR was to cease it’s scientific whaling in the SO, thousands of whales will still be killed.

  • imforthewhales

    Another fact for you …if Japan ceased eating whales, thousands of whales will be saved.