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Remember the $8 million raised by the New York Road Runners (with a little help from Edward Norton’s Crowdrise) last week? That was just the tip of the iceberg.

With the NYC Marathon ending yesterday, the site is now reporting that over $30 million for charity has been generated!

“This was an amazing opportunity for the entire unified ING New York City Marathon community to raise way more money than ever and make the ING NYC Marathon the most incredible fundraising event of the century and YOU DID IT,” the site reads. “Really, really amazing.”

Of course, Crowdrise isn’t done running yet. The community is already planning efforts to help contribute to NYRR’s goal of  $13.1 million for the upcoming NY Half Marathon. To find out how you can help, run here!

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  • Sandra Sellani

    I am a member of Crowdrise and ran in the marathon on Sunday. Both experiences were equally rewarding. Both involved crowds of people cheering me on to achieve a goal. Both were just plain fun.

    Crowdrise is a paradigm shift in fundraising. It gives people a much needed and deserved platform to raise money for their charities of choice in an environment that is supportive, engaging and inspirational.

    In a culture where people who behave badly are rewarded with cash, prizes, and their own reality shows, Crowdrise acknowledges, supports and rewards people who are helping others. What a concept.

    Many thanks to Crowdrise and to the amazing people of New York who cheered, shouted and high-fived us for every step of the 26.2 miles. Best day ever.

    • Jaimes

      … even all the way from Perth, Australia, your crowdrise family was cheering for you Sandra *hugs*

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