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Last month’s decision by SunChips America to sack their 100% compostable chip bags due to noise complaints was met with mixed reactions. Some praised the move, because the bags were somehow noisier than anything else in their lives, while others, like Stephen Colbert, mocked the company for their environmental backpedaling.

But SunChips Canada? They’re basically asking people to calm down, consider the environment, and deal with it.

“There’s been some confusion about the SunChips compostable bag here in Canada,” Helmi Ansari, sustainability leader for Frito-Lay Canada, says in a new PSA. “I’m here to set the record straight. SunChips is and always has been planning on keeping the compostable bag in Canada.”

“The tradeoff is pretty clear. A little more noise, for a little less waste, and a little more green,” Mr. Ansari adds.

In a bold (and hilarious) move, for those that still can’t bear the extra noise, SunChips Canada is offering free earplugs through its Facebook page.

SunChips America, you just got served.

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  • Cbrooks

    If only the American branch of the company could do the same. I think it is ridiculous that they are back peddling on such a fantastic idea over noise complaints. I never had an issue with the noise levels of the potato chip bag (there’s a sentence I never thought I would say) but to the people who did, SUCK IT UP. It’s a bag of potato chips which, I think, are delicious. Eat them and stop listing to the bag. Are you seriously concerned about the noise the bag makes? To Sun Chips. Don’t back down on such a fantastic idea (especially if your reason to do so is due to such absurd claims). If more potato chip brands were to adopt your idea think of the amount of waste that would remove from our environment!


  • Sheila Kitzmann

    I just wrote on my Facebook profile that I applauded Sun Chips in Canada
    for keeping the biodegradable bag!!!!