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Actress Portia de Rossi has a lot going for her. She starred in the hilarious show Arrested Development, has a new book out, is married to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and to top it all off, she’s a recent vegan convert.

In an interview with O Magazine, Rossi revealed that she considered meat “a necessary part of life,” until about five years ago when she had an Aha! moment. The actress describes one morning on her farm, where she and DeGeneres had four cows, two calves and a horse. When she couldn’t sleep she went out to a back pasture to check on the animals, and witnessed something that changed her life, “The cows formed a single-file line, and one by one they touched noses with the new horse as a greeting.”

Rossi went on to say, “I started crying and thought, I can’t possibly keep eating these animals.” Adding, “I was forced to confront the fact that I had chosen to remain ignorant of their nature because it was just easier that way.”

A lot of people seem to have these wake-up call moments when it comes to saying no to meat. For those that have made the switch, what was yours?

  • Neely

    Hi! I was at a local stand buying flowers and for some reason they had a few animals there as well. In one of the pens were four piglets. They were sleeping so soundly, and the way they were cuddled together was so sweet. I could hear them breathing and snorting and I just never thought of them as living beings (even though I knew they were.) It really touched me. From that minute on, I never ate pork and about a week later, I cut out meat and dairy entirely. People don’t understand this change, but I think if they really thought about where their food comes from, they would become a vegan as well.

  • Jackie

    I work at a sandwich shop that also serves hot food. We have full dead chickens and I had to rip of the fat and cover the chicken in seasoning. I had such an Aha! moment then. I started crying at work. It just hit me full on that I couldn’t eat meat anymore. I could see where the chicken’s head was cut off, and while I was handling the chicken one of the bones broke. It was at that point I knew I couldn’t be ignorant anymore.

  • Toodles

    My wake-up call was visiting a dairy farm. Never, ever wanted milk or cheese after that. Veganism was the only way I could live with a clear conscience after seeing what a saw! Dairy cows and their babies live miserable lives (and I should say that the farm I visited was owned by my brother in-law’s brother and was a “family farm” that treated their animals “well”. I can only imagine how bad it must be on “corporate” farms.) There is ZERO respect for the animals as anything other than profit generators and they live terribly unnatural and extremely short lives for the farmers’ profit.

  • ShellyVegan Norton

    Every new vegan extends the life of our planet. These inspirational stories help us continue our fight to end exploitation of all animals. XOXO

  • herwin

    i dont remember a sudden wake up call. i kind of just started to realise when i was adult, that my behaviour was hypocrite and inconsequent, because since earliest childhood i considered animals as my friends and as fellow living beings with a mind of their own, but at the same time i continued to eat much meat. INTERNET gave me access to sites like PETA with revealing undercovervideos and that is so confrontational that its impossible to keep up the self denial. So basically i could choose between eating meat and being a crappy person for being hypocrite, or stop eating meat, stop animal cruelty from my part and feel good with myself.

  • georgina

    My story is similar to Herwin’s, and speaking of hypocrites, i think i am the biggest one.

    Since i was a child i called myself an animal lover, grew up in that frame of mind that being an “animal lover” meant taking good care of my pets, and being good to those in the streets, but that was it. As the animal lover i was i donated money to HSUS, ASPCA, MSPCA, PETA, you name it (how quickly can you say guilt?.)

    In 2007 i went to the supermarket looking for a piece of steak to make fajitas, when looking at that piece of meat in front of me with blood dripping down inside the Styrofoam package i thought “oh-my-God, this piece of meat i have in my hands used to be part of a cow that was alive just one or two days ago.” My stomach turned, I left the store and told my husband what happened and we decided not to eat red meat anymore.

    After that i started looking for “evidence” that animals destined for food are not happy, i kept thinking that if i did not eat meat i would simply starve since i was never a veggie lover. I found so many videos that made me so enraged, so sad, so sick and like that the thought that i was going to become a vegetarian started sinking in. In December of 08 while reading PETA’s vegetarian starter kit, my husband and i just looked at each other and said let’s go vegetarian. A year later in January of 09 we went vegan. Never looked back.

    Now i can look into my dogs’ and cats’ eyes and not feel guilty or like a hypocrite. Now my heart is in line with my ethics. Now the foods i eat are much more delicious knowing that no violence was inflicted on the animals that i love so much, and i discovered that i absolutely love veggies. I am yet to see a cow and ask her to forgive me on behalf of all the other cows that have suffered horrifying deaths for human food, but the chickens i saw two months ago made me cry.

  • whitney

    I went vegetarian when I saw PETA’s Meet you Meat and connected my “favorite animals” to the food on my place. Went vegan 4 months later when someone told me I wasn’t doing enough. It was true. I was NOT doing enough. I’ve never looked back. It’s been almost 6 years and I consider this amazing feat given my family and geographical location. [strong STRONG southern roots. no support what so ever. no veg stores close by] I’ve never EVER even though about going back.

  • Rainy Maple Logan

    I had thought about going vegetarian (vegan now but hadn’t planned on it really) for a long time but I think the real thing that put me over the edge was my dog. I was just looking at her one day and said, “I wouldn’t eat you.” So I stopped eating other animals.

    I was always attracted to the idea of veganism but sort of overwhelmed by it, didn’t think I could do it etc., and then reading “Vegan Freak,” there was a line something like, “Stop thinking about going vegan, just f**king do it.”

    I said, okay.

  • Monica

    I had an odd moment with my cats. I was cutting up a chicken breast for dinner and they just stared at me. I knew I wouldn’t make cat for dinner, so what in the hell was I doing with a dead chicken? I felt so disgusted I almost tossed it right then, but what a waste. I ended up preparing it for my boyfriend but that was the last time. The fact that preparing meat has always felt like human flesh too is very disturbing to me. I’ve been on and off vegetarian most of my life and I’ve decided being vegan seems like to only way to really practice what I preach. Any advice for a starter vegan, book/blog recommendations, and advice would be much appreciated.

  • edeee

    Mine was rather odd… I was about 10, watching pokemon, and i saw the main character eating a burger, and I thought “he is eating a burger, but there are no cows, he is eating a pokemon, how can he? if I had one I would never…” and then I stoped right in the middle of my sentence, I was eating animals, the pokemons of my world. It was quite a shock I have to say…