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Oh, Seth MacFarlane, you’re always causin’ trouble!

On last night’s episode of The Cleveland Show, the title character Cleveland Brown poked fun of vegan barbecues, claiming “they just don’t feel right.”

During a “flashback” segment, Cleveland gets whisked away to a picnic, where a new age-looking man is grilling up fake meat.

“Alright, not-dogs and sham-burgers are ready,” the man announces while handing Cleveland a sandwich. “Hey, bro, you want some fakon on that?”

Frustrated, Cleveland forces the man’s hand down on the grill and yells, “Smell that? That’s meat burning.” The vegan grill master finally concedes, saying, “That smells so good.”

Hardy-Har-Har! While we have no problem poking fun at ourselves, we challenge anyone to a vegan barbeque cook-off — even you, Mr. MacFarlane!

Do you think vegan barbecues are ridiculous or right on point? Check out the clip below and share your thoughts!

  • Brandi

    The real question is.. who even WATCHES the Cleveland show?

    • Allysia K

      Ha ha! So true. :)

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Cooking food on an open flame has historical and cultural roots. There’s no reason to limit it to dead animal flesh. Of course vegan BBQs are right on point. It’s absolutely absurd to think a grill shouldn’t heat veggies.

  • georgina

    Meh, i have had vegan BBQs and nobody has ever gone home hungry, besides, veggies are not the only things you can grill as a vegan.
    Know a skeptic? Send him/her to my house, i will cook those preconceived ideas about veganism right out of their systems.

  • herwin

    should we send death threats to the makers ?
    disclaimer : i am only kidding.

  • herwin

    a more apropiate name for such a fellow would be Seth Mac(boring old)Fart.
    disclaimer : i am NOT kidding.

  • Allysia K

    Yeah, I’m not much for imitation meat myself, but grill me up some veggies and I’m a happy vegan! :)


    “Meat, especially cooked at high temperatures, (such as Meat cooked during Barbeques) has now been found to generate heterocyclic amines that can cause cancer,” so show the results of a study at The University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center and confirmed at the American Association for Cancer Research 101st Annual Meeting 2010

    PHYS-ORG NEWS: “Studies have identified a number of compounds in meat that might account for the association between Meat and Cancer. These include heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and N-nitroso compounds.” -PHYSORG. BBQ’d MEAT, and pieces of beef, pork, chicken, etc, when put on a barbeque, especially when grilled to produce the desirable highly coveted diagonal ‘grill marks’ on the meat or sausages, produces Heterocyclic amines, which act like effeminizing estrogen when eaten by a man. Note that this applies to all Meat, whether grassfed, organic, wild game, deer, or factory farmed. All meat, found to contain heterocyclic amines when cooked, has now been linked to bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, and ball cancer.

    SCIENCE NEWS: “Troubling Meat Estrogen” – “Researchers find that a chemical that forms in meat, especially charred portions, is a potent mimic of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone.” “There’s no way to tell visually, by taste, or by smell whether PhIP and its toxic kin lace cooked meat” It took just trace quantities of the heterocyclic amine to spur prolactin production. “Heterocyclic Amine and PhIP was incredibly potent,” he says, able to trigger progesterone (female menstrual hormone) production at concentrations in a man comparable to what might be found circulating in the blood of people who had eaten a couple of burgers.” -Imperial College of London.

    Note that plants do not produce heterocyclic amines no matter how they are cooked. Thus, Vegans and Vegetarians do not have this problem.

    Men who barbecue and/or eat cooked meat, even when there are no visible traces of cook marks, can become less masculine, and begin to develop effeminate characteristics such as gynecomastia (flabby “man-boobs”), paunch stomachs, wide effeminate hips, low potency, and less-masculine bodies.

    • David

      “…but since heat helps to release protein and carbohydrate as well as break down fibre, cooking increases the nutritive value of many foods and makes edible some that would otherwise be inedible. Improved health must certainly have been one result of the discovery of cooking, and it has even been argued, by the late Carleton Coon, that cooking was the decisive factor in leading man from a primarily animal existence into one that was more fully human” Food in History, Reay Tannahill [Three Rivers:New York] 1988

      Also cooking meat will kill many parasites.

      So the questions is not whether cooking causes the formation of harmful chemicals, but whether the benefits of cooking outweight the negatives.

      And since humans have been eating cooked meat for hundreds of thousands of years and we haven’t died out yet, I would guess that the benefits win out.