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Despite her own admissions that she would be unable to participate in this year’s campaign, Michelle Rodriguez nonetheless is currently taking part in pre-staging activities for the Sea Shepherd’s upcoming Operation No Compromise.

According to an email from Sea Shepherd, the 32-year-old actress left Fremantle Monday night; serving as a quartermaster on the bridge. The vessel is expected to arrive in Hobart on November 22nd.

So, far the conservation org say Rodriguez is enjoying her time on the ship — but they are unclear when she may disembark. “She may stay on until we do a fuel stop in New Zealand,” the email reads. “For certain she will only be able to do a first leg of the campaign because she is scheduled to shoot a movie in January.”

All signs point to that upcoming movie being “The Jesuit” — though reports earlier in the month pointed to a March 2011 shoot date.

Sea Shepherd’s new vessel, the Ocean Adventurer, is currently having new engines and props installed in Hobart. She’s expected to join the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin for the launch of Operation No Compromise on December 2nd; which also happens to be Paul Watson’s 60th birthday.

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  • georgina

    Ohhhh, it will be a Happy Birthday for Captain Watson!!!

    • romika3

      Your shocking ;)

      • josh lamb

        your paid by ICR

      • romika3

        Josh the Lamb: Are you some kind of troll lurking about this site telling everbody they are paid by the ICR. Perhaps your the one that is being paid by the ICR. You are a lamb amongest the wolves, go back to you pen.

  • ednakano

    She will change mind next 10 seconds.
    She is afraid her excuse is not good enough to be accepted from people. Therefore she is making pouse to onbord but also tjinking better excuse.

    • josh lamb

      your paid by ICR

      She has a movie taping in january

      • ednakano

        She just onbord before activity. Like Self-conceitedness celeb, Just enjoy sailing not really join blue color work.

      • ednakano

        I put comment what I want.
        People like you will do something bacuase of pay and slave of money.

  • Josh lamb

    @romika you are a troll I support everything green I cannot say you are against it because you have to post supporting the icr since they are paying you

    • Bob

      Wouldn’t you like some of that ICR money?

      • Josh Lamb

        Actually no, I would neither like money made off of the dead bodies of beauiful whales or the dirty money of the Japanese Goverment.

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