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When I heard the news of Jessica Simpson‘s engagement to NFL free-agent Eric Johnson, I first thought, “Who?” And then I considered it, and that term “free agent,” and I realized that he’s a football player without a team, (aka unemployed).

So, just what does the Yale grad and former tight end for the New Orleans Saints do with his spare time? Well, a source and pal of the couple told E! News that Johnson is constantly creating new startups and, “His new one is a plan to start a fast-food vegan restaurant in L.A. and eventually expand them across the country.” The source added, “Jessica’s supportive of everything he wants to do, so she’s into it.”

Guess this means Jessica won’t be taking part in any more Chicken of the Sea photo-ops.

On the one hand, there really aren’t any vegan fast food options—so he may have found a niche here— but then again most vegans tend to be on the picky side when it comes to freshly prepared and healthy choices. All we can say is best of luck!

  • herwin

    thats great to open a vegan fast food restaurant, but he wont be the first. also , actually fast food dont have to be more unhealthy than the usual restaurant food, who many (most) of them prepare some of their food in advance and microwave it later when you order.

  • Sonia

    I would definitely welcome a vegan fast food restaurant in Austin. It won’t benefit me much in LA though.

  • N

    Oh yeah, I’d love to see a vegan fast food chain. Especially if it had fast food-like prices. I’d sell my soul for a $3 veggie burger, I think.

    No more “real girls eat meat” T-shirts for Miss Simpson, eh?

  • Lisa

    Sorry to say the fact that Mr. Johnson is unemployed and Jessica Simpson is fabulously wealthy leads me to suspect that this is more than a “love-match.” He is constantly coming up with new start-up ideas? Great. That means he’s constantly hitting up friends and family to put up start-up funds. Jessica (in love with love) is the latest who can finance her fiance. I hate to say it, but this isn’t going to work. It’s very possible that Ms Simpson has already bought her own engagement ring and will be paying for her own wedding … all on the premise that Mr Wonderful is on the verge of a major financial windfall and will pay her back in spades. Sorry, Jessica … gotta get smarter.

    • georgina

      You may have a point there but it is not like football players make $50,000 a year; who knows, if he is business-minded then he probably has invested well and maybe his other start-ups are paying him well.

      Who knows, who knows, who knows…who knows!!!!

      • herwin

        i guess we just have to wait and read it on the Ecorazzi and than WE KNOW !!

      • Abbey

        Its a good speculation. Shes definitely got the $ in this relationship. I dont mind her spending it to benefit animals at all.

  • http://none Ayla

    He should open up a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free fast food chain and make sure it the food healthy!! Then he would find a BIG NICHE! Gluten-free food and soy-free food is one of the fastest growing markets. Just because a fast-food chain is healthy doesn’t mean it won’t be successful. Look at Subway.

    Vegan, gluten-free soy-free!!! YAY

    • Erin Elizabeth

      I agree. Gluten and soy have no place in a healthy vegan diet (or any diet at all)

      • Abbey

        I love vegan diets of all kind but I dont think I want a completely gluten free fast food place. Gluten free options are fine but in the world of simply trying to get people to stop hurting to supporting the exploitation of animals, we dont need to limit ourselves and everyone elses to options just because we cant or dont tolerate them. Even if theyre eating junk food, if its vegan I’d rather say to each their own. Gluten doesnt have to be unhealthy, I am in great health, have been vegan 11 yrs and enjoy eating wheat gluten.

  • Cassie

    COME TO PORTLAND OREGON! We are one of the greenest and most vegan abundant cities in the country. We need you vegan fast food! We have a single fully vegan grocery store and that’s the only place I don’t have to inspect every ingredient… could you imagine not having to worry about a fast food joint? Sounds AMAZING.

  • VeggieTart

    And he’s not doing it for any ethical concerns, oh, no. He’s probably trying to fill what he sees as a hole in the market.

    • herwin

      OMG, you mean he starts a vegan business to actually earn money ???? the horror !!

  • Abbey

    If I’m not mistaken and according to her Twitter, Jessica Simpson only very recently tried TOFU for the first time in her life. Maybe this will broaden her horizons and convince her to be a champion for veganism, although the last thing I want to do is give my money to a non-vegan trying to make money off of vegans.

  • David

    “She said to US chat show host Jimmy Fallon: ‘After getting out of the NFL, [Eric] went to this healer and is very healthy. For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey! It doesn’t sound right! It’s gonna be jiggly and weird.’

    The singer admitted that ‘when [Johnson] cooks vegan, it’s good’ but she’d rather the meaty option.

    She said: ‘I’m from Texas – I’d fry a steak. We all eat casseroles and giblets.'”

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  • joe

    Tofurkey, fake imitations meats and TOfu are bollocks. Even most vegans don’t put up with that crap

  • cNug

    All restaurants are ‘fast food’ in my opinion. Next time you’re at any place, even 5-star fancy, take a look at the line (where the cooks do the cookin), I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen someone multi-task and move so quickly!

    Just keep the GMO’s out, check every ingredient down to the enzymes in the bread, and use local organic produce as much as possible – you’d have a customer in me if you did so =)

    Maybe this will enlighten people new to vegan grub on just how great it is, or give us all a bad wrap entirely =0