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Mike Tyson, currently filming “The Hangover Part II“, has been nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” and is ranked #16 on Ring Magazine’s list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. Up next on his bucket list? Apparently opening a high-end Kosher/vegan restaurant chain.

The retired boxer was recently spotted at Kosher eatery Solo in NYC with Moshe Malamud, Executive Chairman of the Franklin Mint. A rep for Solo reported that the two discussed the concept of opening a Kosher and Vegan restaurant chain, along with a potential name for it, but that nothing is finalized yet.

Tyson, who recently converted to a vegan lifestyle, said in an interview with Details that, “meat’s become a poison for me now.”

The new diet seems to have made quite the impact, but it is yet to be seen if Tyson’s dream of a Kosher and Vegan restaurant will come to fruition. Nonetheless, we’ll be anxiously waiting for it!

8 Responses to Mike Tyson Plans To Open Kosher And Vegan Restaurant. Seriously.

  1. veganpanda says:

    Mike Tyson is supposed to have said “meat’s become a poison for me now.” This does NOT make him “Vegan”, as Veganism means NO animal products at all… it is a way of life & not just a diet!

    Veganism means no wool, silk, leather, fur, dairy, eggs, animal fats, etc etc

    • NTM says:

      Whinging over the meaning o a word is just that a whinge. Why not applaud the man for stepping up and doing the right thing. I’m sure in time he will be a proper vegan.

      If the word vegan is so precious to you and your worried its meaning will get diluted a new word will evolve to replace it. The English language is full of such instances. Such preciousness reeks of ego and attachment and is becoming veery common in vegan circles.

      Just for once be happy with the achievements of someone else. One day the whole world will be vegan and my guess is there won’t even be a word for it.

      A better reaction would be thats fantastic, what an incredible change, or what a great opportunity for others to find out about a plant based lifestyle. Bravo Mike you are showing more courage than you did even in the ring.

      • veganpanda says:

        “Whinging over the meaning o a word is just that a whinge”

        Well you obviously did NOT read my comment properly, I said that Veganism is a way of life & not just a diet!” FACT!

        Too many people seem to miss a few meals of ‘meat’ & then call themselves “vegan”, when there’s more cruelty in a glass of milk than there is in a piece of steak (although both are of course bad!). Also it’s VERY easy to live a Vegan life & turn your back on using animals :)

        Also why the hell promote Tyson as a Vegan rather than a vegetarian, it makes no sense?!!

        Btw, I’m over 12yrs Vegan now, animals don’t need people’s excuses!

    • marisa says:

      A step in the right direction might not mean you’re at the final destination, but it is a beginning. Why the negative feed? If someone you don’t like does the right thing… That should you happy not skeptical.

      • Priscilla says:

        Marisa has it right, methinks. Letting go of controlling someone’s outcome isn’t simple, but along with way conflicted personalities — especially celebrities — make headlines for saying something hopeful that has the potential of impressing others.The upshot: they tune in dietary information that prompts admirers to consider something foreign to them. The more people who refrain from considering animal products food the more a social movement thrives.

        So bring it on, and hope a massive shift develops one by one as vegan dining becomes popular for many reasons.

        Showing people how to shop, cook splendid vegan food or otherwise feast on it is essential.

  2. Vegan panda eater says:

    Dont harsh on MT’s mellow he’s come a long way. I have to agree with the whole I’m more vegan than you being a crock of shhh… Thanks for telling many what they already know that yes Veganism is a lifestyle but the man is planning on investing thousands if dollars and his star power to promote Veganism Which many celebrities cower from doing for fear it may make them somehow less desirable. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t pony up that kinda dough.. So props to MT!

  3. Jen W says:

    I agree with veganpanda, Marisa and Priscilla. He’s setting an example, he’s getting the word out, he’s doing good. The more celebs that go vegan (we hope they intend to be truly vegan as veganpanda described) the more their actions will be emulated by the public. As the public develops interest in veganism, they will research it more thoroughly and share what they have learned.
    I have disliked Mike Tyson for YEARS, but I have to admit…I have a good reason to start liking him for the first time!

  4. VeggieTart says:

    I guess because people understand “vegan” as no meat, milk, dairy, honey, etc., than understand “strict vegetarian” as doing the diet but not necessarily the lifestyle. And when you consider that over 95 percent of animals exploited end up as someone’s meal, so to speak, cutting out the food part of it goes a long way to ending animal exploitation. He eats a vegan diet. Hoo-freaking-ray. Hopefully he can work toward getting the lifestyle.

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