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Earlier this week, Newsweek magazine published a list of the top 10 most surprisingly green people and things. While we’re never too surprised to hear that somebody’s crossed over to the green side, we were certainly intrigued by a few of their findings.

On the list are a mishmash of personalities and oddities, including George W. Bush, the city of Reno, Nevada, and The Simpsons.

Holding firm at spot Number 5, Newsweek featured one of our favorite green gals Leilani Munter. Munter is one of the top 10 female sports-car drivers in the world and works to promote clean-energy and environmental legislation. She’s also a longtime vegetarian and outspoken about the power of a plant-based diet.

One of the biggest surprises on the list was The U.S. military. Let’s just say we’ve never really thought of the military as the most environmentally-focused organization. According to Newsweek, however, they’ve implemented several impressive eco initiatives, including utilizing alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. They’ve even announced plans to rely on renewable resources for 50 percent of their power by 2020. Not bad, military!

Jump on over to to check out the entire list, and tell us what you think. Any big surprises?

  • don miguelo

    I don’t see them ranked in order, it’s just a collection of 10 pics and justifications for them to be there. (will F appears 2x and the “N” pic at the end is for Newsweek.
    Here’s the list:

    Will Farrell, Reno Nevada, The Pope, Joe Dickerson, GW BUSH, Leilani Munter, empire state building, the Simpsons, Nike CEO mark palmer, US military.

    I feel like these were picked because “you wouldn’t expect it” and it’s just looking for viewers.

    Pretty weak. I’m having trouble looking at the miltary’s use of nuclear missiles and using submarine sonar (that beaches whales) as “green”- for starters. However, I’m sure the non-investigative types will be easily convinced of this watercooler level watered down story.

  • herwin

    “you wouldnt expect it” because it doesnt stroke with the stereotype of the army, but the military is very serious about cutting its fossil fuels and going green, and for good reasons. The militay doesnt care about the environment but they DO care that when being in other countries, being dependent on fossil fuels makes them more vulnerable. Army camps use massive amounts of energy, equal amounts of fossil fuels have to be transported from outside and these daily/weekly transports are vulnerable for attacks. This whole fossil fuel need is also very expensive in foreign countries, and cutting expenses is simply good economics. It just makes more sense to have solar energy (we’re talking deserts here..) and wind energy and be more independent.
    Well, Friedman explains it much better in his book Hot Flat and Crowded why the army went green and got interested in solar and wind energy.

    • don miguelo

      So…sounds like you agree with me, kinda. You’re saying the real reason is safety and fiscally for the military to do these things, and they happen to be green. I concur.

      Yeah there’s a giant tsunami of reasons why this list is not green that I am trying very hard to hold back. This story itself was made to ease the guilt and/or perception of these entities in the media. It DOES NOT give the military, Bush, gambling, MLB, NASCAR a free pass for all the destruction they have done or are doing right now.

      That said I see why Leilani is there, she’s at least trying to change the industry she’s in and helping spotlight other causes like Dolphin slaughter and made that anti-BP video…

  • Donn Battista

    this is a laugh for you from me :)

    I’m a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect. :)