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Are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen turning into wildebeests? Nope, they’re just wearing them.

The tiny duo arrived at the 7th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards On Monday night dressed in outfits absolutely covered in fur. Seriously, Olsens?

Although numerous attempts have  been made by many animal organizations to educate the twins about the brutality of the fur industry, it appears as though neither Olsen seems to care.

Incidentally, tonight Ecorazzi will be attending the 6th annual Cool vs. Cruel awards — an event presented by The Humane Society of the United States and The Art Institutes to challenge students enrolled in fashion programs throughout the United States, as well as Canada, to creatively reinterpret and replace the animal fur on runway looks by well-known designers.

Hey Olsens, why don’t you come be our guests?

  • don miguelo

    Disgusting. Oh and fur is too.

  • georgina

    Well, if they are not wildebeests i would say they should turn into one. Maybe if they stepped in the hoofs of an animal that could become lion prey they would learn to respect non-human life.

    Although, after they become a pride’s snack, there would be no more twins…

    • Chris H.

      Not much of a snack… :O)

  • Crag

    Don’t bite. Publicity stunt anyone?!

  • Josh Lamb


  • Veronika

    Oh, leave them alone already! These attacks are childishly tedious. Who cares what they do?!! Most people have other, more important issues to concern themselves with than who is wearing furs. You cannot order everyone’s life. Most people will choose not to listen to you, and that is their right in a free society but you seem unable to accept this and move on. Most people find your issues to be ridiculous, misanthropic, childish, nastily spiteful, rife with envy, and on some levels, evil. They don’t personify animals as you do, which is not only immature but cultic. You could only be successful with your agenda in an authoritarian dictatorship in which you were in control because most of your policies would be highly unpopular and could only be enforced through coercion. Thank God, for the sake of humanity, that we’re not there!

    • Chris H.

      I see. So you come on here to tell people not to tell other people what to do…

      I’m pretty sure that there’s a word for that kind of logic…

      • Veronika

        Your side shows no logic at all except to those of your own persuasion. That’s why some of you even resort to supporting illegal acts, damaging other people’s property in order to coerce and intimidate those who disagree. Your views on fur fashion are only an opinion: yours, not the holy writ, and means nothing to anyone but you yourself. You can tell people what to do or not to do regarding wearing fur until your face turns blue, but they don’t have to listen to you or pay you any attention. To recognize this reality is a sign of maturity.

      • Chris H.

        And I don’t have to listen to you…


  • Veronika

    Nor do I have to listen to you…and you certainly made a quick departure.

    • herwin

      and now we are waiting for your departure…:-P

  • Veronika

    I don’t intend to, hun.

    • georgina

      She is right, she won’t leave as she always sticks around whenever there are fur news. She loves wearing dead animals on her pelt.

  • AB

    They are just TOO stupid to care.

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