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The hull of Greenpeace’s new multi-million dollar flagship vessel, the Rainbow Warrior III, has been finished in Poland. Jacek Winiarski, spokesman of Greenpeace’s Polish branch, told AFP that the hull of the Rainbow Warrior III was being towed by tug to Bremen, Germany, where it is to be fitted out and launched next year.

The ship marks the first time the organization has built a vessel from scratch, allowing it to integrate some cutting-edge green features. As reported last summer,

Hull shape designed specifically for superior energy efficiency, A-frame mast and sails– optimized for highly effective sailing, electric drive system (10 knots on only 300 kW), green ship class notation with Green Passport, biological treatment of sewage and gray water, central filling and venting system for fuel and oils to prevent spills, environmentally friendly paint system, and re-use of engine heat to make hot water.

The ship will be launched next year to coincide with the group’s 40th anniversary. Check out a time-lapse of the construction after the jump below.

Rainbow Warrior III time-lapse from Interval Films on Vimeo.

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  • Sam

    that is the most useless time lapse I have ever seen.

  • Michael Raymer

    Agreed. That time lapse is comical in its uselessness.

    So, any word on what they plan on using the new boat for? I mean besides soliciting donations.

    I wish Sea Shepherd had the scratch to design their own boat. There’s a recurring yacht show on the Travel Channel where the yacht launches and retrieves it’s small craft off the stern, using a chain system remiscent of what they use to make roller-coasters go uphill. I’d love to see SSCS incorporate something like that into a new ship. I hate launching underway using a crane. The mishaps that have been shown get a lot of forgiveness from me because it is a crappy way to try and launch a Delta boat.