by Michael dEstries
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For those that missed out on this summer’s season of Animal Planet “Whale Wars”, the entire 12-episode run is now available through Netfllix’s instant streaming service. Be warned, however — there’s apparently a bug in the system that’s causing the season to play out of order. Netflix is working on a fix.

Season four of “Whale Wars” starts shooting December 2nd.

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  • Michael Raymer

    Well, anyone that’s reading this has probably already seen Season 3…. and seen what a cowardly joke the whalers have become. I’m glad that Netflix has really stepped up their streaming effort, especially with Whale Wars and The Cove.

    • romika3

      Perhaps I should point out an error in you post. I think you meant to say what a cowardly joke the SSCS has become.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Yes, because cowards go and confront whalers who have shown that they are willing to go to many extents to fight them. Not only that, but hey are the ONLY ones down there. Yeah, some cowards.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well romika, it’s right there on the screen for anyone to see who the cowards are. I’m pretty happy with what I saw, performance-wise on the part of SSCS (and now I can keep being happy with it, again and again). The whalers came off rather badly, IMNSHO. I’m looking forward to how this next season pans out. Your boyz have an interesting few months coming their way.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Hi Romika,

        I’m curious to find out how much you get paid every time you manage to combine the words ‘cowardly” and “joke” in a sentence?

        I am also curious to know whether any of your work is reviewed by your employers.

      • ednakano

        How much you get pay from SSCS?

      • crumpets are yummy

        The same amount that you pay for your speech therapy.

      • imforthewhales

        Curious to know why you would dismiss Sea Shepherd as cowardly. Do you really believe that? If you do then why are yo so worried about them, and why would the ICR & the japanese whalers be so interested in their activities…so much so that they pay you guys to spread disinformation and propaganda about them? Wouldn’t that be an incredible amount of money being wasted? If as you claim , Sea shepherd are nothing more than a joke, why do the ICR also pay people to post videos and the like on their website with outrageous headings?

        What a strange scenario.

    • ednakano

      Many “Whale War” fun will see it for laughing childish stunt and I could not believe SSCS have not feel any shame.

      • crumpets are yummy

        How ar yur engwish lessons maybe going?

      • ednakano

        How are you “Dolphin meat are yummy”.
        Do you enjoy whale meat.

      • Chris H.


        actually ednakano used to be able to speak perfect English, but all that mercury in the dolphin meat he eats has addled his brain… So sad.

      • crumpets are yummy

        I hear the they have huge stockpiles of the stuff in Japan. Dangerous stuff & it should all be burnt.

      • imforthewhales

        Hey!!! I know who ednakano is now! He is that Japanese Ronald Mcdonald! Now boys and girls…let this be a lesson for you all…if you don’t want to end up like poor old Ronald with his fried brain, leave the whale meat alone.

      • ednakano


        Lacking self-control is not cause by Ronald but yourself. Be adult. Take your repsonsibility for your life.

      • imforthewhales

        Thanks edna…good advice.

  • Hart Noecker

    A coward needs a machine to kill for him. A coward targets pregnant and nursing mothers in a breeding sanctuary. A coward rams a ship ten times smaller than his own in a attempt to murder its crew. A coward tells lies about science to cover his greed. Tell me who the cowards are.

    • David

      The Sea Shepherds and those who lie for them.

      • Chris H.


        I can see that you possess no understanding of right and wrong.

        I guess that for you “right” is whatever you’re paid to believe is right, and “wrong” is whatever you’re paid to believe is wrong.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David doesn’t even believe it himself.

    • ednakano

      Paul Watson and staff are coward and do nothing dangerous and Fool voluanteer crew will do dangerous stunt. Paul Watson always wishing some of those fool crew to be killed. It will be chance for SSCS to start new campaine to get money.

      • Michael Raymer

        “do nothing dangerous” and ” will do dangerous stunt” in the same sentence. Congratulations, you have officially achieved Gibberish Master 1st Class. Look for your tin-foil beanie in the mail.

      • David

        Let me interpret for you since you seem incapable of reading English, or do you intentionally misread statements?

        He said Paul Watson and the staff won’t do dangerous acts, they just have the volunteers commit those dangerous acts.

        Paul and his cronies want things done but don’t want to risk injure or jail time themselves, so they use the volunteers.

        And that is exactly what was written. He clearly differentiated between Paul and staff on the safe side while the volunteers are on the dangerous side.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, thank you Little Helper Boy but as I’m much smarter than you (as we have seen on countless occasions), I really don’t need your help. And I am capable of reading English and what I see from ednakano isn’t English. And why don’t we let ed speak for himself.

        Any assertion that Paul doesn’t (let alone hasn’t) take risks is laughable and shows the ignorance of you ICR trolls. And no one is buying it. It really is hysterical to me that the ICR pays you people for this brand of nonsense. For all the manure that you spread, here we are at the start of a new season and not 1, not 2, but 3, count ‘em THREE boats deploying to the Southern Ocean. Yup, gold stars to David, Mick, Romika, ednakano and that ineffectual assmonkey, Kimitake for changing the course of human events. Keep up the good work, boyz.

      • David

        Well your welcome. I was taught to help the old and handicapped.

        I see you learned to count from Sesame Street. Can you get past 3 yet?

        And yes we all know Paul takes risk. I mean look at how he took that fake ‘anthrax’ letter. Then there was the time he used pliers to fashion a fake bullet. Such bravery. Oh and we can’t forget when he asked others to volunteer to board the Japanese ships. Such heroics.

        We could even go back to the seal hunt when he reportedly abandoned the boat and crew before the Coast Guard arrived, not that he got far.

      • crumpets are yummy

        David …when you got your purple hearts, did you send in the President of the United States to the front line to cover for you?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Ya know david, it’s just easier to call you ignorant and egotistical than to list all of Paul’s brave acts. Maybe they’ve gone down recently but he’s almost 60 years old! Obviously he’s going to slow down. And they don’t have the crew do their dirty work, the crew themselves sign up for it knowing what they’re getting themselves into. They WANT to be on those boats acting against the whalers. Besides, the volunteers and staff are on the same boat(s). There is one ship for staff and another for volunteers, so whatever danger they encounter they encounter it as a unit, and whatever threats go to the ship go to the crew. Think the AG crew was all fine and dandy when the AGs bow was sheered off? No! One of them actually broke a rib or two. Think Paul was safe and sound when the Steve Irwin got caught in the ice field? No! Paul was in as much danger as everyone else, and their lives depended on HIM getting them out of there safely with rudder and hull intact. It’s dangerous to even sail in the Southern Ocean, so they’re always in danger. Of course, using simple logic, I can point out that if the Japanese would just stop killing the whales than nobody would have to be in any danger at all! The whalers wouldn’t have to face Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd wouldn’t have to risk volunteer or staff lives by going to the Southern Ocean to oppose the whalers.

      • David

        “I can point out that if the Japanese would just stop killing the whales than nobody would have to be in any danger at all! The whalers wouldn’t have to face Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd wouldn’t have to risk volunteer or staff lives by going to the Southern Ocean to oppose the whalers.”

        And I can point out that if the Sea Shepherds didn’t illegally interfere with the whalers then Sea Shepherd wouldn’t have to risk volunteer or staff lives by going to the Southern Ocean to oppose the whalers.

        There is enough real illegal things being done on the world’s oceans to keep the Sea shepherds busy for centuries but they have decided to use direct action against legal activities.

      • boo radley

        David, isn’t that a lot like saying “if the USA never sent soldiers to Vietnam/ Afghanistan/ Iraq, then there would be no risk to their soldiers/ army/ navy “?

        You are right…there are thousands of causes out there…from land to sea, animal, plant and human causes…illegal Japanese whaling is not something that is legal nor is it moral, and Sea Shepherd have decided to make this their cause. Are there not billions of people out there that can take care of the rest or do Sea Shepherd have to take care of everything?

      • David

        No whaling is legal. And unless your God, your morals are not universal.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Your logic is backwards. The whaling is the cause. Sea Shepherd is the effect. They are walking the line of legality, and I try my best to avoid using those terms of legal/illegal, but from where I am (and where Australia and New Zealand are, and where pretty much all anti-whalers are) the whaling is illegal, and is hiding under the guise of research. That is what we FIRMLY believe/know, and we have evidence to back it up.

        I can tell, you aren’t the david you once were. I think the pressure might be getting to you.

      • Chris H.

        David said:

        “No whaling is legal.”

        Well David I’m glad to see that you’ve finally come to realize this. It takes a big man to admit that he was wrong, especially on a public forum like this.

        What was it that finally changed your mind?

      • Chris H.

        From MN, with hope… said:

        “I can tell, you aren’t the david you once were. I think the pressure might be getting to you.”

        Actually, I think that you might have something there…

        Recently David has been confusing the words “your” and “you’re”, as well as making far more spelling mistakes than he ever used to make…

        I’m beginning to think that Glenn may have switched out old David for a new David. It certainly doesn’t seem to be the same person commenting as “David” as it was 3 weeks ago. Maybe “old David” needed a break, or maybe he decided that he just couldn’t do this anymore…

      • imforthewhales

        I agree with that Chris H…the new david writes like a teenager and is clearly wet behind the ears.

        I wonder what happened to the old David?

        A few of the regular pro-whaling trolls are missing in action…David and co might be attending the pro-whaling conference?

  • crumpets are yummy

    “Well your welcome. I was taught to help the old and handicapped.”

    Thats nice, perhaps you had better go back to them?

    David, whats the bravest thing you have ever done?

    Have you ever stood on front of a sealing ship as it bears down on you while you stand on the fragile ice? Has anybody followed you into the Southern Ocean? Has anyone ever volunteered to follow you on a mission, anywhere, against the odds?

    Nah, I didn’t think so.

    Back to the nursing home you go.

    • David

      “Nah, I didn’t think so.”

      Well then I guess you don’t think. A Navy Achievement Medal, 2 Combat Action Ribbons, 2 Purple Hearts and a 30% medical disability discharge would tend to prove you wrong.

      But then again what brave things have you done?

      • Chris H.

        Oh David, maybe I was wrong about you…

        Maybe you’re that crazy old coot on Youtube from Texass who calls himself “Commodore Tony”, and whose videos reek of professional jealousy?

        Just out of curiosity, was that medical disability discharge issued for psychological problems?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Well then david, thank you for serving whatever country you did! Veterans don’t get the credit they deserve nowadays.

        Yet what crumpets was saying was that you haven’t risked your life for something that can’t against a group who has more money than you, more people than you, better equipment than you do, and who would rather see the world die to make a buck. That is what Sea Shepherd does. Of course from your angle it looks a bit different since you are on the side of the whalers, so I guess you are a part of the group compelled by money. Yet another veteran turned sour for a few pieces of green paper.

      • ednakano

        Real brave people like David are not be out of control Like SSCS crew and enjoy battle game.

      • David

        “Veterans don’t get the credit they deserve nowadays.”

        “Yet another veteran turned sour for a few pieces of green paper.”

        You are a nasty little ungrateful piece of waste. Osama bin Laden has more integrity than you and I can at least respect his adherence to his own principles, no matter how much I believe he is wrong.

      • crumpets are yummy

        That is not an argument david…thats just someone losing his cool.

        In any case, bravery is not the only quality one needs to tackle things like illegal Japanese commercial whaling. Tenacity is one quality that is important…the ability to stick no matter what your foes throw at you, no matter how powerful/ rich/ canny your opposition.

        Ideals are another. You mentioned Osama bin Laden as sticking to his principles…which you respect…but for some reason which escapes me, you are unable to say the same thing about Sea Shepherd and her crew.

      • Chris H.

        David said:

        “Osama bin Laden has more integrity than you and I can at least respect his adherence to his own principles, no matter how much I believe he is wrong.”

        So there you have it folks… In his own words, David admits to respecting Osama Bin Laden.

        I wish that I was more surprised by this announcement, but unfortunately, it fits perfectly with everything else we’ve seen from this sad little man.

      • boo radley

        Which principals do you admire most David?

        Is it the fact that Osama Bin Laden has brainwashed himself and his followers to the extent that they are prepared to go out and kill thousands of people they have never met?

        Perhaps you admire the fact that Osama Bin Laden comes from a rich country and a rich background.

        Perhaps you admire the fact the he is a world outcast.

        Funny that…sounds a lot like the ICR and the whole Japanese whaling machine! No wonder you admire the whalers so much!

      • Chris H.


        perhaps you could supply your full name, rank, and service number, so that we can independently confirm your medal claims.

        I’m sure that you understand that on a public blog, such as this, that some dbs will make all kinds of inflated claims in a pathetic attempt to give their comments more credibility.

        Thanks in advance.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Hey mate, I’m damn grateful. Both grandfathers in the Navy, two uncles from the Reserves, and a 5th/6th cousin who was a Civil War general. Obviously I’m not some ungrateful punk hipster who hates veterans and doesn’t understand their value. I know full well how un-gratful people can be. I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything! I wasn’t implying anything. Hell yes I am deeply greatful to all veterans. That sticks with you through all of life. What you do afterwards is what people immediately think of you. That overshadows other things you’ve done in life. Yet when you come about on a place where you aren’t welcomed, at least you got thanked for your services! Sure I’m not particularly fond of you because of your position on whaling, but that isn’t your only quality in life. I respect people even if their position isn’t the same as mine on one little issue. When I am willing to stand up among my group consisting of anti-whalers who are consequently anti-david, and actually THANK YOU when you just get hate, that takes courage and integrity.

        Sorry if I hurt you, but for somebody who has the kind of experience you do, I REALLY wasn’t expecting that. I would have thought you’d have more respect. Honestly, I respected you, even before this. I hated you, but respected you. Who else could say that? Obviously not YOU.

      • David

        “…that takes courage and integrity.”

        No it doesn’t, especially when it is followed by accusing me of getting paid for posting here, and implying that other veterans are in similar positions.

        “Who else could say that? Obviously not YOU.”

        Oh, really? You must have missed my comments on bin Laden.

        You are really one of the most passive-aggressive suck-ups I have even seen. You don’t even have enough integrity to live up to your espoused beliefs and become a vegetarian, but you ‘plan’ on doing it sometime in the future.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Why thank you, that means a lot to me. Do you actually take notes on us? My reasons are my reasons, and once I’m out of this state it’s going to happen. It’ll just take a year or two. But whatever I have been doing against you has been working, because you snapped. Maybe you’re paid, maybe you aren’t, but you haven’t moaned as loudly as you have with me. I was just trying to be respectful, but as usual you took it the wrong. I try to be as respectful as I can, but without tone of voice, some things may cross as passive aggressive, and I accept that. Now then, why don’t you just go off and do what davids do to calm down. Take a vacation, or something. Just leave this place, if only temporarily. If your stress stems from other things and you vent here, than I suggest you vent elsewhere. Cheers, mate!

      • David

        Oh, so somehow your accusing me of being paid to post wasn’t meant in a bad way, I just misconstrued it because I didn’t get the ‘tone’ of your post? And you reasons for not living up to your belief shouldn’t be questioned because they are ‘your reasons’, but I should explain everything I do and all my statements should be dissected like a frog in a biology class.

        That is know as a double standard and the people that act that way are know as hypocrites.

      • From MN, with hope…

        No, you are missing the point. What I was saying was I meant no ill intentions by THANKING YOU for your services in the Navy. Personally, I don’t care if I don’t know another thing about you! Chris H was the one who asked about your rank and such. Who cares if I don’t want my most intimate details on the internet? Especially to somebody as hostile to me and who is as big of a stranger as you are. You aren’t going crazy on others for repeatedly saying you’re a paid troll, and I say it once and you flip out on me!

        Obviously you need to learn more about human nature. I was attempting to be nice to you, but obviously something happened that made you not understand such a concept. Oh well. Your loss.

      • David

        “Do you actually take notes on us?”

        No I have a brain that is capable of remembering things that I have read.

        “Chris H was the one who asked about your rank and such.”

        I don’t have any idea what Chris H did or didn’t ask, I have a script running that removes his comments before the webpage is even displayed.

        “Oh well. Your loss.”

        Oh no a hypocritical teenager won’t be nice to me, whatever will I do?

      • imforthewhales

        “I don’t have any idea what Chris H did or didn’t ask, I have a script running that removes his comments before the webpage is even displayed.”

        Thats about as believable as your claim of getting two purple hearts david.

        You little monkey you.

      • David

        @iusuallyfail, you can believe whatever you want. But it is a really easy modification to a simple ad-blocking app.

      • Michael Raymer

        ” I have a script running that removes his comments before the webpage is even displayed.”

        I’m calling shenanigans on this. SHENANIGANS!! First of all, no you don’t. Second of all, this is a discussion board where you have denied being an ICR troll. If you’re not, then why are you blocking the replies of the other posters? If you are not an Inwood-supplied shill, why are you not engaging in a free exchange of ideas? Why are you on a DISCUSSION board in the first place? And third, if you had this special blocking application, with all due respect to Chris H., you would have blocked me a long time ago.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Once more you don’t understand what I have said. It is your loss that you do not understand the concept of one being nice to you. I WAS being nice, but you had to spin off on a tangent and this happened.

        Hypocrite is best used for actual hypocrites. You don’t know me, or my reason for anything. For all you know I already AM vegan, and just down-play it.

        And it was just a simple question. Lighten up. Not everything is a personal attack.

        I believe your script blocker as much as I believe in a tree growing tall enough to be in space. If you truly could do that you would have blocked me WAAAAAY back. Even if (BIG if ) you did have something like that, when was I asking about you and your life? Like I have said previously I just don’t care if I know anything else about you. It isn’t you, its just personal preference.

      • imforthewhales

        David and co i’m sure are on an ICR/ Inwood funded trip for the whaling conference in Japan which starts on Tuesday.

        Meanwhile, back at the ranch … David has left his fourteen year old son in charge of the comments until he arrives back home.

      • David

        Man some people here really have massive egos.

        Are you all going to claim that you are so important that I would have blocked you before Chris H? Also you do realize that many real forums use a program that allows blocking/ignoring anybody you want. Since Ecorazzi doesn’t offer that why doesn’t it make sense to implement the ability myself?

        I block who I want for whatever reason I want. You will notice that Chris H is one of two people that I said I was going to ignore. So if you get to the point where your posts have absolutely no value at all, then I will be happy to add you to the list. Of course being upset because you aren’t useless seems pretty stupid.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Alright, since you seem to think that I always am screaming at you, let me clear up my tone for this post: Calm, relaxed, and a bit tired. No anger. No hostility. I’m not pounding on my laptop keys.

        Yes, some people here DO have massive egos. Like you. Me, hell no. I have such a low self esteem, that it almost isn’t existent. Look, all I thought was that since you and I constantly feud, and since you pretty much hate my guts right now, I made the assumption that you would have blocked me, if anyone. Not saying that you can, but whatever. davids do what davids do. Although I will again ask if you didn’t see Chris Hs post, than where in the world did you get the impression I wanted your life story?

      • David

        Where did I say that you wanted my life story? I don’t hate you I find you pathetic but it is fum to watch you F&T.

      • imforthewhales

        David you are short on substance / points and big on insults. The sign of a weak personality.

        Anyways can you tell us where the whaling fleet is this year? They are weeks late…could this be the end of illegal japanese whaling unfolding before our very eyes?

      • From MN, with hope…

        “David, November 23, 2010 at 9:54 pm

        … but I should explain everything I do…”

        Right there.

        Not that you care, or will do anything about it. You will just continue to break down, get worse and worse, get more immature, and insult me some more.

        And that ‘I don’t hate you’, yeah, like I’ll believe that. I find it amusing you find me pathetic when you go off the handle when I thank you.

        Now this is a simple question, okay. No meaning for anything other than to educate myself: what does F&T mean? Pardon me if I am unfamiliar with all the acronyms out there.

      • David

        Well I guess you should really learn to read. That statement didn’t say that YOU were doing that, it ws a general statement about the obsession that the anti-whalers seem to have with me and my life.

        Flop & Twitch.

      • David

        “Anyways can you tell us where the whaling fleet is this year?”

        Well the old SSCS forum has decided it is due to a problem with the refueling/resupply vessel. But some maritime forums have rumors that they are doing extended refurb of the ships and will start the Northern Pacific whaling season early with a larger quota and no SSCS interference.

      • imforthewhales

        Well Japan does treat the world as if is their eternal playground where they can go raping and pillaging at will.

        I’m tipping that the whalers have all been invited for tea and strumpets at the whaling bar this Tuesday and Wednesday. after rubbing noses and exchanging fluids with their partners in crime, the icelandic whale companies and the poor nations of the pacific who they have bribed, they should be heading south late this week to go stealum some more tasty whales.

      • boo radley

        Yeah how come you weren’t invited to the party David?

        Thats just plain wrong!

      • From MN, with hope…

        Mm. Really. If I need to learn to read than you need to learn all the basic human feelings, emotions, and the ability to put yourself from another point of view. Also how to pop that ego. The way you phrased it made it sound like you were accusing me of it, so I responded accordingly. You’ve done it to me plenty of times.

  • crumpets are yummy.

    I havn’t done anything particularly brave David. I got up this morning, if that counts.

    I tend to admire bravery when i see it and don’t bother criticizing those who show it.

    What I am more interested in, now that you have put your resume down, are you a follower or a leader david? Did you make your own decisions? Did you raise your own funds to go to into battle, did you supply yourself with ships and crew, did you create your own private navy or were you just a small cog inside a big wheel with everything supplied? Did you take on a foe bigger than yourself?

    Were you trying to save someones life or were you trying to take theirs?

    Did you bother talking to your foe/ did you try to make them change their mind and see the light through non violent means even though they were being violent? Did you shoot to kill or were you trying to protect your foe even though they ere trying to hurt you?

    Did anyone ever volunteer to follow you for no pay?

    • David

      I don’t particularly care what you are interested in. I know have the proof I need that you are just a paid SSCS troll. All you can do is repeat the same lies even in the face of proof from neutral sources and ask question after question while refusing to answer the same questions yourself.

      Just another FLOB to be ignored.

      • crumpets are yummy

        The truth? You cant handle the truth.

      • Chris H.

        David won’t tell me what FLOB stands for, so I have to assume that it means:

        Fantastic Liberal Organic Buddhist

        What else could it possibly mean?

      • boo radley

        What do you have against fantastic buddhists david?

      • David

        Boo, could you try writing intelligible English? I mean you have a group of real words but they are strung together in a nonsensical way.

      • Chris H.


        Boo’s comment made perfect sense to me.

        It must be all the mercury in your brain (from all that dolphin and whale meat that you eat) that’s affecting your ability to comprehend clearly written English.

        Btw, I noticed that you side-stepped his perfectly legitimate question… Nice deflection!

      • From MN, with hope…

        What proof do you have Navy-boy. Enlighten us.

      • boo radley

        I asked perfectly legible questions David. I could point out a few of your basic English errors…your and you’re for example…

        “David, November 22, 2010 at 6:08 am

        No whaling is legal. And unless your God, your morals are not universal.”

        Well we all make mistakes from time to time.

        I agree about the bit about whaling though…no Japanese commercial whaling is legal.

        I also agree about the nice sidestepping.

        I would not be so harsh on you with such pointed questions but for the fact that you seem to relish dishing it out to Paul Watson ans casting assertions. In all fairness, I think you might have a stab at replying to some of your own questions.

        Its difficult to answer mirror image questions when you are being hypocritical though, isn’t it.

        MN hope might be right about you David …the pressure might be getting to you.

        BTW…where are all your back up slaves? They seem to have given this thread a big miss?

      • Michael Raymer

        I too have noticed that David has been getting feebler over time. It’s a common byproduct of trying to defend an indefensible position.

        Hey David, does Inwood hand out paid vacations? You should think about taking one.

      • David

        Well boo, if you asked a question I understood I would have tried to answer it. But I have no clue what you mean by ‘fantastic buddhists’ and why you think I have something against them. SO it kind of makes it impossible to answer.

        That is why I asked for clarification.

      • David

        @From MN, with hope…

        Well snot-nosed teenage-boy, his posts contain all the proof needed.

      • boo radley

        ‘I too have noticed that David has been getting feebler over time. It’s a common byproduct of trying to defend an indefensible position.’

        Yes it must wear you down after a while.

      • Chris H.

        David said:

        “Well snot-nosed teenage-boy, his posts contain all the proof needed.”

        Sounds like he’s getting desperate…

        I have no idea who, or what, he’s referring to when he says “his posts contain all the proof needed”.

        Who is he talking about? What proof (of what?), in which posts?

        I think he may have finally lost it… (hopefully you can figure out what “he” and “it” refer to…)

      • From MN, with hope…

        Hm, that was uncalled for, and actually rather immature. Ah well. I’ve been called worse.

        Obviously you are the only one who is seeing it. Since you are, why don’t you actually prove to us that he IS an SSCS troll.

      • David

        Why should I have to prove anybody is a paid SSCS troll? You anti-whalers accuse everybody else of being paid ICR trolls, so what is OK for you should be OK for us.

      • boo radley

        Do SSCS have paid trolls? Gee, where do i sign up…??? All this commenting is costing me time and
        $$$ !!!

      • From MN, with hope…

        Agreed, boo radley. I would really enjoy doing this as work.

        SOME accuse you pro-whalers because it does happen, and if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, guess what, it’s a duck. Pretty much all pro-whalers by passion (I guess is what one could call them) have left ecorazzi. Now if you’ll remember again, I was not the first, and I still am skeptical about you being a paid troll, david.

        And ‘us’ that you refer to is currently you. Currently.

      • boo radley

        Still waiting for my pay check to arrive.

        We dont get the same benefits as the pro whalers on here.

        They get to go see the cheery blossoms in Kyoto.

  • crumpets are yummy

    Well you just proved yourself to be a liar there david.

    I am not paid by Sea Shepherd at all. Never have been and never will be.

    i am not a cash for commenter and I know for a fact that you have no proof whatsoever. Simply because i know for a fact that your accusations are false, and i know that you know they are false. You know this is the truth.

    Did they tell you to spread lies and make false accusations when you were in the navy?

    You see David the difference between your crowd and my crowd is that we operate with passion and belief. Unlike the ICR and the other leech organizations such as Ginza Glenn Inwoods that pay people to pretend they have passion & prop each other up in their deceptions as they scheme to rape the oceans fo profit, the people who are against Japanese commercial whaling are individuals with passion and belief and operate for free.

    Thats a long way short of being paid to fight.

    • ednakano

      >we operate with passion and belief.

      You operate with crazy and brainwash. Real problem is in from of you. you do not want to see it and need something else to forget real problem.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Edna…thats maybe could an opinion, but also could not be a factual. Perhaps it also maybe happens that you are to be an opinion that is worth anything not much also.

      • Chris H.

        LOL… Be nice…

      • boo radley

        @crumpets…that should be maybe jamming up the old translator program also. lol

  • Chris H.

    I’d like to dedicate this next song to David…

    because I know that it’s right up his alley…

  • don miguelo

    Ecorazzi Policy:

    Personal Attacks
    Debates are a large part of what happens underneath a post — disagreements are frequent and contribute greatly to fleshing out both sides of an issue. There’s no reason, however, to go after someone with such harsh rebuttal that you inflict emotional distress. We’re not saying you should switch to using slights from Shakespeare, but including in an argument something along the lines of “You f-cking idiot, you know nothing..” is not constructive and will not be tolerated. Make your point without being rude.

    There are some people whose sole mission it is to bait people into angry responses or to take a debate on a topic to the extreme. Sometimes, these are innocent, but if we notice a pattern, you’re gone.

    Just noticed this could bring out the banhammer for people who are posting like this:
    “David, November 23, 2010 at 6:11 am
    @From MN, with hope…
    Well snot-nosed teenage-boy, his posts contain all the proof needed.”

    • Michael Raymer

      I would be very sad if David got banned. As has been stated above, he’s not the pro-whaling advocate he used to be and should rent a stateroom on the Nisshin Maru and return to his roots. But he does entertain me. And sooner or later, someone with actual debating skills may show up (however unlikely that it might be that someone with skills would also be a pro-whaler). David keeps me in shape the way a punching bag keeps a boxer in shape. The way a gymnast counts on a tub of talcum powder is how I depend on David. He is, quite simply, vital to my existance.

      • herwin

        somebody who is genuine pro whaling and posting here, would be very interesting. I assume he would equally listen to our arguments as we listen to his argumenents, and although probably neither of us would change our opinion about whaling, we might learn from each other.
        Trolls on the other hand, are just posting here to disrupt and causing a stir, also posting with various names and, well, some posts are nothing more than boring rants, like that Watson is a “terrorist”. And worse, these trolls are getting paid for by the ICR, its not like they are individuals expressing their own opinion that they really believe in.
        Don Miguelo shows a quote from our Uber Troll David, that seems to me a personal attack to MN With Hope and so a violation of the Ecorazzi rules.
        David and his posts are exciting as a pepsi cola commercial and i for one wont miss him if ever he will be banned. :-)

      • From MN, with hope…

        Sad thing is david used to be a genuinely good person for the debate. Much better than others that have been here, and never resorted to things such as name calling, or personal attacks even when attacked himself. Oh how the ravages of stress can ruin a person. david is the only one left here currently, so Ecorazzi may become the paradise we never wanted it to be. This isn’t a whaling debate here in this comment section. I’m really not sure what to call it. Maybe we have exhausted them all, and run down the topics. Like I said, paradise we never wanted.

  • imforthewhales

    I see the ICR / Ginza Glen trolls as a necessary evil.

    OK they may not be standing up for the nicest industry in the world.

    But they do provide something and that something is a service…. by keeping whaling in the spotlight.

    In a way, they are on our side too.

  • imforthewhales

    I wonder how the pro whaling trolls are enjoying their all expenses paid whaling conference?

  • joe

    Maybe when the show runs dry the Gov will just nuke Japan again

  • joe

    Why is it humans can recklessly destroy the planet and persecute/genocide the life (and lie/mislead,under-inform) and it’s somehow NOT considered terrorism as long as they produce a commercial product from it, or “scientific research”(indeed 0.o)

  • boo radley

    Good question joe…this might go back to cave man days…those cavemen with the big caves and the big families who were killing all the mega fauna till they went extinct were seen to be the attractive ones?

    I always think its funny how celebrities can be the most trashy people imaginable but because of their status as sportsmen/ actors/ actresses/money makers they always seem to have a status above others that is totally undeserved?

    Its all very, very strange.

    Its also strange how anyone that is seen to be doing something to stop the decline of the natural world, who steps in to stop the horror shows…has opposition that want to call them something silly such as Eco-terrorists?

    Look at the opposition that Diane Fossey had ( Gorillas in the mist)…killed off because she was willing to step in to SAVE rather than to KILL.