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While Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding next year will no doubt carry some green themes (thanks to a certain father-in-law), there’s no telling whether they might extend to the bride’s wedding dress.

Oddsmakers and the fashion industry are placing bets on just which designer will be selected for the massive honor — with Middleton’s favorite choice, Daniella Issa Helayel, currently in the running as a 3 to 1 favorite. Showing just how quickly her star has risen, Stella McCartney is a close second with 4 to 1 odds.

Other British designers in the running include  Julien Macdonald (6-to-1), Vivienne Westwood (8-to-1), John Galliano (14-to-1) and Paul Smith (16-to-1).

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  • Una Rose

    I wonder why you are featuring an article about Kate Middleton. She and her fiancee are avid hunters and she often wear and supports the fur industry. I guess to many this wedding is big news but hunting and wearing fur aren’t exactly my idea of modern, ethical or green.

    • Bencat1000

      Totally agree…….she has been photographed in fur and has a history with hunting….not very ECO (or ethical!)

  • Jane

    The point is that Stella McCartney is a vegetarian like her father (Paul McCartney) and her late mother Linda. Stella is a designer who does not use any wool, silk or animal-based materials in her designs. If Stella was to design Kate’s wedding dress that would be fantastic for her and raise awareness of her ethics, regardless of the personal lifestyle choices of the betrothed.

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