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Photo: Julie Bergman Sender/Harmony Film

For a good, long while I assumed that Prince Charles may indeed be a robot. This was based off of my “knowledge” of him, which extended to footage I’d seen where he stood perfectly erect and stared straight ahead, unblinking. So, whenever I have the opportunity to watch him do something human, my interest is inevitably piqued.

Such is the case with “Harmony,” a documentary airing on NBC tonight which features Prince Charles and his pet environmental causes. In all his royal glory, we get to watch the prince prune brambles with a hand sickle and empty out buckets of compost, all the while discussing green energy sources and investing in sustainable agriculture. The film travels from organic farms to rainforests, and viewers will also be treated to a sneak peak of the Duchy Home Farm, which he converted to organic farming in 1986. The film’s director, Stuart Sender, who gained recognition for his Oscar-nominated film “Prisoner of Paradise,” even dug up a 1988 archival clip of a young Prince Charles discussing the need for greater international cooperation with a youthful Al Gore.

This is all favorably time, seeing as the documentary airs tonight at 10 p.m., and buzz has been stirring this week around Prince William‘s engagement to Kate Middleton. The New York Times reviewed the film, however, and said that “while ‘Harmony’ is serious-minded and the prince’s dedication is quite admirable, there is something a bit stagy and embarrassing to his presentation.” The review also stated that, “No network would devote an hour to Prince Charles’s pet cause if the prince himself didn’t participate.”

The review makes the prince out to be a bit stuffy and, dare I say, robotic. But nonetheless we’ll be watching because, again, how can you not?

Preview of the film below: