by Michael dEstries
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The latest season of Isabella Rossellini’s “Seduce Me” hit the Sundance Channel website — and this preview we’re about to show you of dolphin sex habits will probably blow your mind — or, rather, your blowhole.

That’s right — not only do dolphins prefer the missionary position when having sex — but they also rub one off when feeling horny, as well as participate in some other unbelievable human-like fetishes. Allow Rossellini to get you in the mood below…

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  • Eric Southard

    0_0 is this for real?

  • Chris H.

    Speak for yourself Michael. They’re not as perverted as me… oh, wait a second… No, no, forget I said that.

  • georgina

    Oh, blowhole sex; anything goes!

    HA! Clearly creativity does not only belong to humans. Primates do the same, they rub off each other in groups or in couples of same sex. All very interesting though.

  • isobel

    I think that animals were doing this wayyy before humans so it’s us that have sex habits like theirs.