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If there’s one thing we can appreciate about TV, it’s initiatives like NBC’s Green Week that go out of their way to bring attention to environmentalism in their programs. This year, Green Week featured the documentary, “Harmony,” starring and narrated by Prince Charles. We told you to watch out for this, but if you missed it have no fear, as NBC has the full piece online (and we’ve got it for you below as well!).

The documentary showcases Prince Charles and his pet environmental causes, archival footage from a 1988 interview between a young Charles and youthful Al Gore, and a peak into the Duchy Home Farm, which Charles converted to organic farming in 1986, among other things. If you aren’t one for documentaries, then tune in for the rare glimpse at the prince, notoriously guarded with his personal life, as well as his outside passion— environmentalism.

The New York Times reviewed the film and said that, “while ‘Harmony’ is serious-minded and the prince’s dedication is quite admirable, there is something a bit stagy and embarrassing to his presentation.” The review also stated that, “No network would devote an hour to Prince Charles’s pet cause if the prince himself didn’t participate.”

But don’t take their word for it, watch the documentary after the jump below and let us know what you think!

  • Randall

    The NBC video here does not play (Prince Charles Harmony). On the NBC site, it also does not play (the same error: null). I am anxiously waiting to see this!

  • Dom

    Can you get this video working?

    It would be nice to see it after all the publicity…

    • Michael dEstries

      Seems to be working now…

      • Dominic Kiddell

        does not play for me (error: null)

  • Ali Berman

    I watched it at my parents today. Really made me like Prince Charles a lot more. He has a very inclusive way of looking at the world. Environmental ethics, animal welfare and social justice all wrapped up into one world view. Love it.