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Thanksgiving is nearly here. What does that mean? All our favorite animal loving celebs are dishing on why they don’t dine on turkeys (or any other animal) during the holiday.

On Funny or Die, Sarah Silverman narrates as her animated six year old self faces a traumatizing Thanksgiving. The video, Sarah Silverman’s Special Thanksgiving (or Thankskilling), certainly is special. She recalls how when growing up in New Hampshire, her father took her next door to Vic’s Farm to pick out a turkey. As soon as she had the cutest most charismatic one in sight, Vic slaughtered it there in front of her.

However, Sarah’s Dad remembers it differently. He remembers the animal being a pregnant cow and Sarah never wanting to eat meat again after that day. When asked why he brought his six year old daughter to witness the slaughter of a cow, Sarah’s father says, “I have no f^@%!#& idea why I did it.”

Sarah goes on to talk about the true meaning of Thanksgiving in her signature Sarah Silverman way. Check below the jump to watch the full video and ponder what you think is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Special from Sarah Silverman

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  • georgina

    Holy turkey! I know this is supposed to be funny (somehow) but i almost cried thinking about the turkeys a good friend and i saw at Farm Sanctuary this past Saturday at their “Celebration for the turkeys.” I dare anyone to spend quality time with any farm animal to go back home and eat one of those he/she just met, because i tell you, seeing them so full of life, happy eating their cranberries and pumpkin puree, chattering, and just being turkeys reaffirmed the notion that i am doing the right thing, that veganism in my life is not a fad, that this lifestyle i chose is by far one of the best decisions i have ever made in my ENTIRE life.

    Now i have to go see the 118 pictures my friend and i took at the farm for the umpteenth time ;)

    • whitney

      People like you give me hope that the human race is not completely barbaric and that I’m not alone in this.

      • georgina

        No, we are not alone :)