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Remember that story last month as reported by the UK Daily Mirror that PETA was planning some kind of attack on Victoria Beckham?

“One of the ideas being mooted is that Victoria gets covered in a bucket of animal blood – cow or lizard – at her next UK public appearance,” an insider told the newspaper. “Another rather sick suggestion was to pelt crocodile feet at her when she goes to an editors’ lunch in London next month.”

Supposedly, PETA was all upset over Vic’s new handbag collection and wanted to take action; but a rep for the org immediately slammed the report, saying that they would “vigorously pursue The Mirror for deliberately distributing a totally fabricated report about PETA’s plans regarding Victoria Beckham’s collection.”

Now, The Daily Mirror has posted a public apology to PETA, along with offering a donation to the group.

The article states, “On 19 October 2010, we published a story in the print and online editions of the Daily Mirror and on our 3 a.m. website stating that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were planning a protest against Victoria Beckham’s new range of bags which would include pouring fake blood over Mrs. Beckham.

“There was never any truth in this story which we retract completely. We apologize to PETA for the harm that our story has caused them. We have agreed to make a donation to PETA and to pay their legal costs.”

With regards to Beckham, PETA said, “We appreciate Ms. Beckham’s rejection of fur and had approached her—100 percent respectfully—over the suffering of lizards and other reptiles who are often skinned alive for fashion. We appealed to her to watch this video.”

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