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Eric Johnson, perhaps we judged ye too quickly.

Because the vegan, NFL free-agent seems to be having a positive effect on fiancée, Jessica Simpson. During an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Simpson revealed she’ll be serving a vegan-friendly menu this Thanksgiving.

“For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey!” Simpson said. The 30-year-old singer, who once infamously confused chicken and fish, acknowledged that Johnson’s vegan preferences are much different from hers.

“I’m from Texas – I’d fry a steak,” she said.

But now that Johnson’s popped the question, and the two are planning to wed, it seems like Simpson is willing to make some healthy lifestyle changes for her man. Though, admittedly, she is still apprhensive about the non-meat meal, “It doesn’t sound right!” she said of the tofurkey. “It’s gonna be jiggly and weird.”

Here’s hoping that Simspon follows in her fiancé’s vegan footsteps!

  • whitney

    This just sounds so manufactured. “Over weight” fallen pop star who famously loves meat and hates on veggies [maybe pissing people off enough to frighten her handlers?] is now hooking up with a vegan athlete/health nut extraordinaire? It just seems so fake. BUT if it’s real, nothing but good vibes for them.

  • herwin

    for a non veggie person to celebrate Thanksgiving with Tofurkey is a bog mental step, very openminded and also brave. Nothing but respect for Simpson and her fiance.

  • herwin

    “big” not “bog”.
    Enjoy the Tofurkey , miss Simpson.

  • One Green Street

    I wish people would leave JS alone.She is a talented, beautiful women! I hope she finds Mr. Right because she deserves it!