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As consumers spend hundreds of millions on Cyber Monday specials, we thought it would be nice to give your credit card a break and hand out some free sustainable goodies. And one of our favorite green gals is helping us do just that!

Eco model, author, and Source4Style founder Summer Rayne Oakes is donating a massive holiday prize pack to one lucky Ecorazzi reader.

Worth over $250 dollars, the package includes a profusion of great products she’s helped develop over the years, including:

1. A set of organic cotton PORTICO Home towels, including a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth
2. A recycled PET Zoe&Zac handbag from Payless ShoeSource
3. A signed copy of Style, Naturally
4. The latest edition of ABOVE Magazine
5. A pair of MODO Eco eyewear

Want to win? Here’s how: Simply leave a comment below sharing one good deed you did this year. Whether your thoughtful action helped the environment, an animal friend, or your fellow man, we want to know how you made the world a better place in 2010.

The contest will close at 5:00 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, December 2, and the lucky winner will be notified by Friday morning. Please note: this contest is open only to U.S and Canadian residents.

So what are you waiting for?! Leave a comment below and share your good deed!

  • chavon riggins smith

    I took my time and volunteered to teach young girls in a after school program how to design jewelry!!

    Here’s the post from my Blog—>

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Noelle

    I hosted this year’s graduate students dinner because the normal grad student left for the holidays. I had 4 days to plan. :O BUt all went well and people without families had a good time and good food.

  • destiny

    I help out with a special needs baseball league, we are in the process of building them a baseball field all of their very own. It fills my heart with so much joy to be able to do this every year. Thanks for this opportunity following on twitter @dad1111

  • Michelle Maskaly

    I blogged for 24 hours on My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much as part of a blogathon to raise money for an epileptic boy whose family is trying to buy him a service dog.

  • Sarah

    Thinking of most recent. Living in the city you start to just quickly glance by all the homeless people around you. The other day there was a man sitting near the restaurant I was going to get lunch, he was really nice and smiled at me, didn’t ask for anything (although he did have a cup). I somehow ended up trying to go into the wrong doorway for the place, but he nicely told me that door was exit only. After eating my lunch, I headed out that exit only door glad to see that he was still there, I gave him enough cash to get a meal and actually sat and talked with him. Since I am one of those people that generally don’t pay any notice, I am so glad that I took the time to get to know my new friend. I know it made my day and I hope left a smile on his face.

  • Jennifer

    In February, I fostered a blind, unsocialized cat who had been in a cage at the local no-kill shelter for over a year. With a little time, patience, and OK, quite a few treats, she turned into a really sweet, affectionate, and wonderful companion. I adopted her, and it’d be hard to say which one of us has done the other more good.

  • Mary

    I went vegan for the animals!

  • Shannon

    I became vegan :)

  • MelissaG

    Thanks to a Facebook posting by a friend, I read about a pitbull named Stubbs, who was at Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin, TX, and was scheduled to be euthanized a couple of days later. I was really moved by his story so I contacted friends in Austin who put me in touch with a man in Los Angeles who works to rescue pitbulls. Many phone calls & emails later we were able to save this dog and he now has a forever home in the Austin area. Glad I could play a small part in saving his life :)

  • Vanessa

    I try to do as much as I can for the Earth and the environment every year. I recycle, compost, buy local, and try not to use my car. I also create recycled art and paint organic t-shirts. But, the best good deed I’m doing for the Earth is to teach my daughters to do the same. Stella, my youngest who is 7 yrs old, volunteered with me on Earth Day this year. Planting trees and clearing out invasive species of plants at a nature preserve. My oldest, Marie who is 9 yrs old helps with our composting and recycling – often rescuing things from the trash and repurposing things whenever she can. I’m so proud to be teaching my girls not only to follow in my footsteps, but but to care about how lightly we tread on the Earth every single day.

  • Lita Smith-Mines

    Most recently, I knitted lots of scarves and hats to be distributed through a local health center. No one should be cold this winter if I can help it!

  • kate murphy

    adopted the older lady living downstairs as our grandmother and all our lives are fuller with eachother in it

  • Yamile Yannini

    I volunteer for a nonprofit animal rights organization called Mercy for Animals. On a weekly basis I get to encourage people I’ve never met before how going vegetarian or vegan for even once a week helps their health, the environment and our animal friends. I was fortunate enough to see first hand someone that simply took a pamphlet from me one day go vegan almost immediately and then shortly thereafter joined us in volunteering.

  • adrienne

    I bought a hybrid car, limited travel, and bought less. Spent more time in the garden and hiking. Rescued a sick Sea Gull and made a visit to my local wildlife rehabilitator.

  • Tina

    This year, after watching the Earthlings film, I went vegan. It’s not only opened my eyes regarding animal exploitation, but also inspired me to live a greener lifestyle too. Now, I try to inspire everyone around me to become more aware of their purchases and how it impacts the world we live in.

  • Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler

    1. volunteered at a local food bank throughout the year
    2. volunteered to be the official picture taker at ThanksVegan in Tampa
    3. donated the majority of my belongings to shelters and libraries before I moved 1,400 miles, taking only what would fit in my little 2-door car

  • Jennifer Cortez

    Every year I save up my old jeans, or purchase some at goodwill just for fun to add to my collection, or collect from friends for the teens for jeans at aeropostale. I especially felt good giving them away this year cuz they went to the children in haiti.

  • Renee

    I find many creatures both alive and dead on my daily beach walks. We have many types of seabirds here. The Common Murre nests on the cliffs and rocks by the thousands. When the chicks reach a certain age, they dive off the nest into the sea where the father bird waits to teach them how to get food and avoid predators. They are still flightless at this stage and can get tide-stranded. I found that I could gently herd the tide-stranded chicks back into the ocean where they belong before the tourists and their dogs got to them. I was careful not to touch them in case it caused them further difficulties. I was able to save several birds from dying on the sand. Alas, not all.

  • Kelly Harris

    I worked with the Interfaith Hospitality Network and gave temporary housing to homeless mom’s and children. They think I was helping them, but they were really helping me to become a better person.

  • Robyn Ely

    Well, where do I start. This was my eco year, I buy clothes from Thrift shops, I recyle many bottles, cans, plant my own garden, walk the dog and pick up trash, use only eco friendly products, do not drive a car, but take the bus everywhere, use cloth bags for shopping (no plastic or paper please) separate all trash for easy re-cycling. The list goes on and on and I am hoping by everyone I know see’s what I am doing and it rubs off onto them. If I do buy anything outside the normal deal, I make sure the product is either bio-digradable, or earth friendly not to harm the earth. I usually try and make my own homemade products for cleaning, with help from the internet.

  • Jessica Field

    This year, a co worker of my husbands was out of work for over 6 months due to a back surgery. He has a rather large family and his wife had to cut back her work hours to help take care of him. His short term disability ran out and he didn’t have long term disability. Even though money has been tight for us after I was out of work for over a year, we still went out and bought a full Thanksgiving meal for his family, with all the trimmings. He came into work today (back last week) and actually broke down and cried thanking my husband for not only the meal but the great time the family had making everything together, a first for them.

    It feels good =D


  • KC

    I’ve made so many vast improvements to my life and my imprint on this earth this year and, I’m really proud of this. I do feel that I’ve made a positive difference thus far and look forward to my continue improvement in 2011.

    I have become completely reliant on my reusable bags and will carry stuff in my arms rather then take any plastic. I have pretty much gone vegan, and when I do eat seafood, I make sure it’s sustainable and caught responsibly. I strive to only consume organic on everything as much as I possibly can (hello weekly farmer’s market!). And, I have made a consciousness decision to only purchasing clothing from indie/eco designers or buy second hand/vintage. In addition, I have completely made my skin/hair/beauty routine 100% organic.

    Most importantly, I am a monthly double platelet donator and have been able to truly help save lives. This fact alone more then makes that big needle in the arm worth it!

  • Kitty Smalling

    Living on a farm, we have always been eco frindly out of necessity, before it became fashionable to do so! We also rescue abused and unwanted animlas, give them forever homes and love!

  • Beth

    I donate as often as possible to animal charities. Usually to organizations that have found injured/neglected dogs (most often but not always pit bulls), and are trying to raise money to help with medical expenses or the costs of fostering/finding homes.
    I don’t drive anymore and take advantage of the public transportation or just walk on pretty days.
    I make all vegan food for my carniverous boyfriend (which he loves!)

    AND thanks to my encouragement my best friend is raising my Godson as a vegetarian (and hopefully vegan later!).

  • Cat Lein

    To be honest, I hate tooting my own horn as I think we should just automatically do things for others without thought to what were doing….but i think one very memorable moment was when there was a homeless man on the street begging for money and i told him i didnt have anything to offer but some organic soap and he smelled it right away and thanked me….it was a good feeling to be able to give even if it wasnt money!

  • Andrea

    This year I have tried to share what I’m learning about eating well with friends and family to help educate them to do the same. However what I consider my most thoughtful action of the year was simply to bring joy to someone else. I know some parents of special needs children who often feel the impact of society not understanding, but they continue to share their experiences and knowledge to assist others in similar circumstances as well as to educate the general public. Their constant positivity and perseverance in the face of adversity has taught me a lot about life in general over the past year or so. My gratitude prompted me to score an autograph from one of their favorite musicians that I sent to them with a letter explaining what a positive impact they made in my life. For people who are often viewed as “broken” they were overwhelmed to know that someone saw them as a positive influence.

  • Kim

    I donated clothes and books to the library.

  • Rebecca Hall

    In addition to working for PETA, I volunteer my time every chance I get to protest various animal wrongs around the NY area. Every Sunday I protest the horse drawn carriages. I have been in several anti-foie gras protests and have been successful in having the dish removed from the menu from a few restaurants. I work at a vegan restaurant and take any leftovers to homeless people. And that was all today! (just kidding)

  • Stephanie

    I made the final jump and am now vegan.

  • Jen

    I convinced two of my friends to go vegetarian!

  • Signe

    This year I became a vegetarian, and I’d wish I’d become one years ago! I’m happy that animals no longer will be killed because of me. It has inspired me to do a lot more animal activism work than I did before.

  • Suasoria

    I had a garage sale for a rescue group.

  • Sarah

    Myself and some classmates rented out a space and held an evening of live music and a silent auction and raised over 1000 dollars for Haiti! Best night of my life!!!

  • Aubrey

    This year was of rescues for me. My husband and I found a dog in a busy road and where able to catch him. We already had our own 4 dogs plus another street rescue with horrible seperation anxiety, but we brought the new dog into stay with us to avoid the kill shelter. After a month a rescue finally agreed to take him, and he was adopted soon after :)

  • Shauna (Fido & Wino)

    Yeah for cool eco stuff!

    I started a projected called the R.O.A.R. Squad- Rescue Owners Are Rockin! The whole idea is to make adopting a rescue THE cooest thing around (promote “Adopt, Don’t Shop”) by profiling cool rescue owners across the US and Canada (and a few International so far!).

    Goal is to find at least one rescue owner from every state in the US and every province and territory in Canada by April 2011 (1 year annivesary of starting the project). So far I’m about 70% there!


  • birdgherl

    I transport dogs who are pulled from high kill shelters to their foster and forever homes.

  • Amber

    I’ve done so many things this year! At my university, I joined Mission Green Student Association and we volunteered at many places to help promote recycling and sustainability. I recycle. I’m in the transistion to changing to all my beauty products to eco-friendly. I give my old clothes to either my younger cousins or goodwill. I use reusable bags at stores. I go to the library for books, dvds, and cds instead of going out and buying them. I started volunteering at a Memory and Wellness Center and work woth the elderly. I’m also trying to get my family to eat healthier and to at least go vegetarian and I’m in the transistion to being vegan. The list goes on and on….

  • Luisa

    My husband and I started doing volunteer work at our son’s daycare center during family day and holiday gatherings. We both work, but started making an effort to attend all of the events. When we see the excitement on our son’s face, it’s the best.

  • Dawn Douville

    Helping to foster cats in need of permanent homes, helping them adjust to life in a household with other animals and people.

  • Maily

    I recycle my water bottle and plant my own flowers in the front yard as well as recycling my plastic bags for other useful things :D

  • Suzanne DS

    Donated clothes and canned goods to victims of recent typhoon in Philippines.

  • heidi donahue

    i helped serve and prepare a thanksgiving meal for needy families in my community

  • Grace Weaver

    i make up songs encouraging people to go vegan and sing them while going down the street and handing out vegan literature, approximately 10,000 leaflets/month. People hear the message, take the leaflets and learn why going vegan is a step towards saving animals’ lives, maintaining health / overcoming disease in humans and creating a sustainable planet. For those who stop and talk I also share about how going vegan also helps end starvation, war and workers’ exploitation. I encourage people to think for themselves and embrace a lifestyle contrary to the dominant culture. I also produce a weekly t.v. show and am creating other ways of getting this message across including through dance, comedy and public speaking. Very happy to be part of the vegan and activist conscious, supportive and loving community.

  • pamela

    i hosted a dog themed party for my 2 year old son that included a veggie hot dog bar. instead of presents people brought dog food, treats, beds, and lots of money for the local animal shelter. there is a picture of my son sitting in the middle of all of the gifts for the dogs. it was a great day!

  • stephanie

    I held a bake sale to raise money for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary after they rescued 93 chickens from Kaparot “ritual” in Brooklyn. I was able to raise enough money to sponsor Pearl, who had a large open wound on her side, with even extra left over to make a general donation.

  • carrie

    I donated clothing and households goods to our local thrift shop, and also participated in the Animal Farm Sanctuary Walk to raise awareness about the treatment of farm animals. I also switched to a refillable aluminum water bottle for when I go on trips or out for the day, instead of buying plastic bottles. In my home office, I reused old pads I had, and used strawberry contains for office supplies like business cards and paper clips.

  • Sissy Mac Neil

    I Not only donated clothes and toys to the womans center,I made a huge amount of recycled bags and gave then out to many people.I foster animals and raise awareness to the abuses they suffer.Am also a big time volunteer for animal rescues.Vegan and protest the circus everytime it comes to town.

  • Emily N.

    Bought locally sourced and organic groceries more than I have any other year. Donated items to the local food pantry. Volunteered for a week of helping kids during Vacation Bible School at my church.

  • Zenimue

    I’ve inspired many of friends and family to make more Environmentally friendly choices.This year I’ve become involved with a non profit called Healthy Child Healthy World I’ve had the pleasure of particpating in many of their Thursday Twitter parties. After my rECOmmendation many of my pals are now using Hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach! I’ve Been vegan for going on 11 years & this year I’m very optimistic at all the geniune interest people have taken in this compassionate lifestyle seems like more and more people are open minded about trying it out. I’m also take care of my Aunt who has severe Multiple Sclerosis, she’s a big fan of my vegan baking =)

  • cara

    I’ve spent the past 5 years “greening” my life, so I spent this year helping others get on the same path… I raised $950 for the orphanage that I work with in Nepal. I first visited this orphanage in 2006 while traveling through Asia. While in Nepal I helped for a couple of months, but when it was time to come home I knew I had more work to do. Between 2006 and 2009 I raised about two hundred dollars, which goes a long way in Nepal but I still wanted to do more… I did this through hosting a concert, selling jewelry that I make from natural materials, donation jars, and vegan bake sales. Once I reach my goal of $2500 I will return to Nepal to help set up an organic garden and teach the children to compost, and I will use the money raised to purchase solar panels for the two buildings that house the children.

    I turned 25 this year and celebrated being vegetarian for half of my life (and vegan for five years now), best decision I could have made when I was 12 1/2.

  • Kristy

    I have taken over feeding two cats that live outside my apartment. The owner of the cats (an elderly man) passed away earlier this year and there was no one to take care of them.

  • Julie Davis

    We started eating organic. I did it for my kids. I try to buy all our dairy, veggies and meat organic. It was a big adjustment but I feel better than I ever have. I feel so much better about what I am feeding my kids.

  • Chris Taylor

    I do volunteer transport for a wildlife rehab facility. Yesterday, I drove an injured cooper’s hawk to the hospital for surgery.

  • Rachel

    I change the world everyday. I’m a high school art teacher and work in a high poverty public school. This week, one of my special needs art students won a nationwide t-shirt design contest and $500. It definitely made her world a better place. Her smile this week is worth all the money in the world.

  • Jeannine m

    I adopted a family for thanksgiving and supplied them with everything they needed for a thanksgiving dinner :)