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Police officers receive medals for bravery. Mall cops ride around on awesome Segways. So what do you conservation officers get for all their hard work? A kick-ass reality show, baby!

On Sunday, the National Geographic Channel debuted Wild Justice — a new series that follows the California Game Wardens as they patrol hundreds of miles of land, coastline, rivers and streams.

Protecting wildlife against human threats to the environment, endangered wildlife, and the cultivation of illegal drugs, the 240 California Game Wardens keep the state’s 159,000 square miles safe 24/7.

During the first episode, Warden Boyd set out to catch hunters suspected of trafficking bear gallbladders, while other officers use aerial recon to track down what they believe is a thrill-killing poacher. Rockstar!

Sound like something you’d be into? Check out the clip below, and stop by to find out more.

  • matt

    This show is New World Order propoganda. From shaking down fish markets, to harassing couples making out in the woods, these guys are a joke. They treat everyone they meet like a criminal. And the one scene I saw where they thought they might have seen a gangmember, they ran away! This was the worst thing I have watched in a while.

  • tom

    This show is a prime example of what happens when you give too much power to a un-elected un-accountable government body. Be warned when you give people like this power, even if it is “For the environment” or soon you will have nanny state enforcers like this harassing everything you do

    • Laura

      They are not being rude or nasty to people or asserting to much authority over people or anything like that… they are doing their jobs… protecting wildlife and ECOSYSTEMS…if someone leaves trash near a lake or river fish can die, if the fish die then the ecosystem gets knocked out of wack… if fish become depleted then bears and other animals that require fish as a food source will die off quickly…and people growing weed in the forest usually set up shop near rivers for water… meanwhile they pollute the waters endangering the lives of not only the fish in the river but also many other animals that use that river as their source of drinking water, not to mention our own tap water…and if poachers deplete the population of a certain species to quickly a bottleneck effect can take over the population causing it to quickly become extinct due to the lack of genetic diversity in the population…(natural selection)…so they ARE protecting wildlife and keep many species from becoming extinct (ex: abalone)…also they are stopping people from selling exotic species of animals and fish because if they are introduced into the environment they are invasive and can knock out species that are native to the region…their job is just as important as any one elses. And no I do not know a wildlife warden personally, I am a doctorate program wildlife ecology student…their job and all the regulations they are pushing onto people are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance.

    • ZJ

      Cops and State Troopers are unelected government body. so your just trying to sound smart but really you have no idea what your talking about

      • Laura

        Did you see me say anything about the government…no, I stated why they are enfocing these laws… to protect the ecosystem.

  • Glen

    Matt and Tom here obviously hate animals, love poachers, hate regulations that help preserve our wildlife numbers, and don’t understand that these Game Wardens work their ass’s off, for low wages, to help save our environment from assholes that would destroy it, like Tom and Matt. This show totally rocks, it’s highly entertaining and would suggest it to anyone who like watching assholes who pollute and poach and rape our natural world, get their ass’s handed to them by cops.

  • Bob

    Two thumbs up to Matt & Tom. The show is a joke. Game Wardens should be doing what their title suggests – protecting wild game not enforcing drug laws or harrassing citizens trying to enjoy the outdoors.

    • Kim

      Just reading the comments now… I’ve not seen the show, is that really what’s it about? Pathetic indeed.

      I’d like to see a day when meddling was reserved entirely for individuals who are harming others: murderers/hunters, polluters… the real criminals. And corporations need to be the real targets, not the little guys who resort to crime (polluting, for instance) trying to keep up with the corporations. You harm others, you need to be stopped. That’s the extent of it: everything else should be up to us.

  • KC

    Matt, Tom, Bob – spot on. Absolutely frightening television program. I am a nature lover and was hoping to see these guys/gals protecting and preserving state forests, gamelands, wildlife etc… but it seems like they do everything but that. A prime example of CA as a nanny state that meddles far too much in its residents’ lives!

  • Paul

    When they took the guys shark from his pet store that had been displayed for 13 years in that huge tank …it just pissed me off! California is a nanny state for sure!

  • cop hater

    These game wardens are punks. They can’t stop poachers or pot smokers. They are wanna be firefighters but lack the heart and physical prowess to do so, therefore they harass all others and are typical cops…..F-em all!