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For years CoverGirl has faced the wrath of animal rights groups for their shameless animal testing methods. Have they finally seen the error of their ways?

According to their Q/A section on the website CoverGirl does not test their cosmetic products on animals. So far I can’t find any animal groups that corroborate the claim but we certainly hope that CoverGirl has quit the cruel practice. However, CoverGirl is still owned by Proctor and Gamble. No word on whether or not the huge company has nixed animal testing for all its underlings. But it’s doubtful.

In addition, CoverGirl is launching a sister line of cosmetics called NatureLuxe. Taylor Swift will be the first face of the new company.

NatureLuxe will be using bioresin, a sugarcane based plastic, in the packaging as well as mango butter and shea and other “natural” ingredients in place of synthetic products. CoverGirl is hoping to appeal to a wealthier clientele concerned with using fewer artificial products.

Can’t wait to see if CoverGirl has indeed quit the cruelty.

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  • georgina

    Well, while i do not use their products anymore it is still nice to hear (IF that is indeed the truth) that they are not testing on animals. Do they have animal ingredients in their stuff, is what i would like to know.

    • herwin

      i visited their website and read their Q&A.
      they simply say : “we do not test our cosmetic products on animals”.
      in normal language that can mean several things like :
      1. we dont test ourselves but we let somebody else test our products on animals.
      2. our cosmetic products arent tested on animals but the seperate ingredients themselves , yes, they are tested on animals.

      a more reliable sentence would be “our products nor its ingredients are tested on animals.”

      • georgina

        Yeah, very misleading for people who are not well informed. Once at the beginning of our life as vegetarians my husband bought a bottle of something to style hair because in the back the bottle said: final product not tested on animals. I explained to him that the statement really did not mean a thing to us because while the final product was not tested, the ingredients were.

        Same as with CG, they may not test but a third party does, so, they should not even comment on animal testing of their products. It will confuse people.

  • Dana

    I absolutely love Ellen Degeneres, but this is one thing I don’t understand. How can she as such an animal rights activist have an advertising deal with P&G?