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Madeline Pickens Buys 14,000-Acre Ranch To Serve As Horse Sanctuary

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Madeline Pickens — wife of Texas money man T. Boone Pickens — is using her cash to help protect thousands of wild mustangs.

Pickens recently purchased a 14,000-acre ranch in Elko, Nevada to serve as a wild horse sanctuary for 1,000 horses being kept in government-funded holding facilities. While the price of the land has not been disclosed, we do know the property comes with grazing rights on 540,000 acres of public land.

Pickens began the project after the government suggested euthanizing the horses as a method of population control, and if the deal is approved by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) it would be the first time in history the government has participated in such a large-scale animal relocation program.

“It’s such a huge beginning,” Pickens told The Associated Press. “I plan to buy more property out there. There’s such an overload of horses in government holding.”

Pickens submitted a formal written proposal to the BLM and hopes to eventually relocate all 34,000 horses being held to their natural habitat.

“The BLM has a moral and fiscal responsibility to do something because they took the horses off public lands and created this debacle,” Pickens said.

Fingers crossed the government works with Madeline to help these awesome animals. Sounds to us like she’s right on track.

Learn more about the initiative at MadelinePickens.com.

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