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Michael Vick, Michael Vick, Michael Vick. What are we going to do with you, Michael Vick?

As part of his partnership with the Humane Society’s “End Dogfighting” campaign, Vick visited two Connecticut high schools last week to speak out against animal cruelty.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback revealed that prior to his arrest he never considered the well-being of animals — DUH! — and that now he is a changed man.

“I didn’t really care what people felt about animals,” Vick told the students. “I didn’t care about the welfare of animals.”

But then Vick said something that sorta made out eyes roll. Quoth: “I think I’m being used by God,” Vick said, “because all the laws have changed since my incident.”

While it’s true that Vick’s dog fighting case has increased legal restrictions across the country, saying that God is empowering you to teach the world seems a bit….inflated.

Still, we recognize that Vick has the ability to reach a large demographic of young people who may not otherwise be open to such information, and we’re happy to see he’s making good with his commitment to the HSUS. Just next time, Vick, maybe less with the divine pat on the back.

  • Eric Mills

    We’d just better be grateful that Charles Manson doesn’t have a good jump shot, else he’d be out of jail and playing point guard for the Lakers.

    What a country.

    • Anasatia

      Thats right. If someone can play sports they can torture and kill anyone they want. I will never watch the bastard play again. He’s not only a killer but he’s delusional. This man is creepy and scary.

    • whitney

      You make my head hurt.

    • Tina

      I agree. You can do whatever you want in this country, as long as you are a professional athlete…
      And his words show he isn’t really sorry, to actually try and spin it into a good thing he did??? Instead of just admitting it was wrong and apologizing?
      He makes me sick.

  • Meredith Simonds

    God empowers all of us, even Michael Vick.

    • don miguelo

      I hear your point definitely. If this is a way to empower him to right the wrongs he has done as much as he can then great.

      It’s just hard to watch as he is basically justifying his pre-God-awareness behavior as all part of God’s plan. Therefore he could think that he no responsibility or need for real guilt either (because it was all a lesson from on high). And with no guilt comes no pressure to actually change. But, y’know, Life’s not fair often, and if he gets away with playing sports after a few endorsements dropped him, that’s the way things go sometimes. But don’t expect me to excuse all his actions because of finding God and doing better, even if it’s not somehow for image management purposes.

      It won’t bring back the dogs he did pit against each other and kill, however- and with me, he will always be responsible for them. God may forgive him, that’s what he does.

      I am not going to.

  • R. Jones

    He is a low-life cretin who did terrible things to dogs, over and over. It was not a one-time crime and I do not believe he has repented. Baloney!!!!