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Most people know Cyber Monday as the online Black Friday. The day you can score great deals on items for the holidays from the comfort of your home. PETA decided to switch it up a bit. Instead of telling people to buy something, they asked people on facebook to flood DKNY’s page with posts about the cruelty of fur.

PETA wrote on their website:

We’re banking on the fact that this ingenious message—sent on the busiest online shopping day of the year— will make the throngs of people perusing Donna Karan’s pelt-pimping page think twice about giving their hard-earned bucks to a bunny butcher. After all, there’s nothing appealing about wearing fur from rabbits who howl like human babies when their skin is peeled away from their body as if it were a sweater.

So after you finish shopping online, how about using your Facebook page to help us spread the word that Donna Karan butchers bunnies?

It all started with thirteen original posters who changed their profile pictures to spell out “DK Bunny Butcher.” Now, other sites are picking it up and it’s going viral. Hundreds of posts are now on DKNY’s wall.

Campaigns like this try to shame companies into making more compassionate decisions. A few months back the same thing happened when HSUS exposed IHOP’s cruelty. Think DKNY will take the hint and stop using fur? Only time will tell.

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  • Rey MacTavish

    And not one of us who do wear fur or leather cared in the least…

    • don miguelo

      Doesn’t matter if you do or not, you’re not the target. They are trying to shame the corporation. Worked for IHOP despite its base of customers not caring about the cruelty either. The DKNY does not want this type of spotlight/shame.

      *lol’ing suddenly stops*

  • Jenni Reid

    My name is Jenni Reid, and yes I am that Jenni Reid in the photo. I am a twenty year old girl from Florida and I take animal cruelty very serious. I know a lot of the time people see acts like this and shrug it off thinking that we’re ignorant, that we are just annoying, but I promise you that if you took the time to open your eyes or listen to one of us for a minute, your whole world would be flipped around. I am a Vegetarian, I’ll never wear fur and I will never allow an animal to be harmed in my presence. Why you ask? Here is an example, say there was a baby, a cute adorable, defenseless baby. A man decides to walk over and step on it, and then continues to rip its skin off, how would you feel? Now, I know you are already thinking, what? That is so not the same thing, it’s a dumb animal. Let me ask you this, what’s the difference when they both die from pain, when the only cry of help they can produce is not understandable to humans. They both have souls, they both are harmless and loving beyond belief. If you still don’t care, I dare you to go to and watch a few of their videos. If you still don’t care, you’re heartless and your kind of people deserve no respect and if we ever met I would do onto you what they do onto these animals, and then we’ll see how bad it really is.

    If you’re wondering what that means, it is Russian for “Go Fur Free!” I continued with other languages and finished with “No matter the language, the pain is still the same. The message is the same! STOP KILLING ANIMALS! GO FUR FREE!”

    Thank you.

    • Anon

      As a vegan and fellow animal rights advocate, I agree with you HOWEVER…

      attacking other’s opinions and beliefs will not do any good for our cause. If you want people to be understanding of you, you must be understanding of them. I’ve converted a few friends to veganism because of my presentation to them. I explain the benefits of the lifestyle, explain the horrors associated with the agriculture and fashion industries, and then explain my personal feelings, but I NEVER attack someone else’s thoughts. All that does is make the whole cause look crazy and insensitive.