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The popemobile is such an odd thing, isn’t it? Part car, part display case, part bulletproof casing, and yet, it’s how his holiness needs to get around for his own safety.

But Pope Benedict XVI— dubbed the “green pope”— has been carving out an environmentally friendly legacy that now includes the possibility of an electric powered popemobile, which we think would be a pretty sweet ride to and from Vatican City. According to Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, who runs the Vatican City state, the pope would prefer an electric car to further promote his message of sustainable energy and the need to protect our planet.

The Cardinal’s comments came during a presentation of a book on the Vatican’s ecological efforts, “The Energy of the Sun in the Vatican,” which details the switch to solar panels on the roof of the Vatican’s main auditorium, and the installation of a solar cooling unit for the cafeteria. When asked about the possibility of an electric popemobile, Lajolo stated, “If he’s offered a functioning, efficient and appropriately sized popemobile, why not?”

It seems like the Germany-based firm SolarWorld, which provided the Vatican’s solar panels, may be the company to rise to the challenge. And according to their marketing chief, Milan Nitzschke, the only roadblock would come from getting the necessary Vatican security approval (since some still have concerns that electric cars don’t accelerate as quickly as traditional ones).

The pope has been outspoken in calling on everyone to take responsibility for the health of our planet, and we’re all for his willingness to support sustainable energy.