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Entrepreneur, health-advocate, and animal champion Heather Mills is taking her VBites brand to the next level. Mills’ first cookbook, LoveBites is set to be released December 5, on

Featuring many recipes using vegan meats from her line of Redwood Food products, the cookbook will put a vegan spin on traditional dishes.

“In this book I hope to show that it’s really easy to change to an environmentally friendly diet and recreate meat-free versions of traditional family favorites without giving up on great tasting, satisfying food,” Mills said.

“I hope this recipe book will inspire people to cook the great variety of dishes on offer and create exciting, friendly menus filled with the most important ingredient of all, love.”

All of the proceeds from LoveBites will benefit Mills’ favorite charities. Well done!

Do you “love” LoveBites? Leave a comment and let us know if this sounds like a cookbook for you!

  • georgina

    Hmmm…maybe i should write my own cookbook. I like good tasting food, do not like bland foods, and always like to see color in my plate. Never sacrifice flavor and it is very easy to make awesome dishes.

    Would i buy her book though? Probably not. I already have a couple of books that transform traditional dishes into delicious vegan meals.

    Good for her though, the girl never stops working!

  • Phoenix

    Right — she never stops trying to bring attention to herself, that is… She is still claiming her restaurant in Hove is wildly successful and popular when the truth is she signed it over to her sister’s name and it is closed (and has been for months)… If you don’t believe me, check it out… It is closed because, again, despite her insistant claims of popularity, V-Bites did not have returning customers (and in short order, no customers at all), nor did it receive even remotely positive reviews by food critics… She, literally, could not ‘give’ her food away (and she did try giving it away)… Ecorazzi has a good reputation to protect — you should stop affiliating yourselves with Heather Mills… This woman wouldn’t know the truth (or admit the truth) if it bit her in her non-existent butt… There is nary a word that comes out of her mouth that is the truth… This book won’t sell any better than her other books sell — they are offered up on e-Bay for $ .01 and, even still, they don’t sell… Why? Because it has been continuously proven over and over for years that Heather Mills is the most well proven liar of our time… Proceeds are going to her favorite charities? I’m betting the charity in New York (and others) would love to see something of the proceeds she promised they have not received… Oh, don’t get me started…

  • Phoenix

    Forgot to mention that, in order to be considered “an Entrepreneur”, one needs to hold a history of success… Mills has not been successful in one single business attempt she has ever made except, of course, for sacking McCartney… There are no exceptions to this fact — not a one…

  • herwin

    i am not so much into fake meats but a cookbook with recipes using fake meats can be interesting for non veggies though, and i never did see a veggie cookbook with many fake meats so its kinda original.


    This is such a wonderful news, cant wait to try Heather s great recipes. Apart form looking gorgeous and glowy thanks to her vegan diet, she is a great in many aspects, tried her food at Vbites on many occasions and looooved it although we are not vegan yet…..her vegan Vbites range is absolutely delicious and I can t decide what I like the most…. but Dejan could eat your veggie burgers everyday …… BRAVO HEATHER WE LOVE YOU! DEJAN&RENATA

  • Phoenix

    Seriously, if Heather’s restaurant and recipes were as good as you say, her establishment would be thriving… Even more to the point, her restaurant would be OPEN… Neither is the case… Further, neither will ‘ever’ be the case, particularly since she has employed the strategic move of signing VBites over to her sister (months ago)… Mills has also gone on and on about franchising her business, incessantly claiming she has 75 franchises in the works… In truth, there are NO franchises in the works — no financial institution will ever fund the franchising of a failed business — she would have to offer up her books as the base for lending and, I guarantee you, this will never happen… These are just more and more of her lies and embellishments, lies and embellishments that are not new news to anyone… I do not understand how anyone puts serious stock in anything this woman has to say…

  • anne

    I went to the Animal Aid Fayre in Kensington, London on Sunday & Ms Mills was actually there signing her books. Apparently it was the book’s launch day.
    I have to say, I was really impressed & she is lovely. In fact I was so impressed I bought one of the books. Its called LoveBites.
    Also what was nice is that she is donating all of the proceeds to charity. Well done I say

  • Bea

    Yes, I went to the Animal Aid Fayre in Kensington, London too. I bought two books and am going to buy 10 more to give away if only for the introductory message itself which tells the story of how she healed her leg through vegan diet. I also spoke briefly to Heather and yes – she is very nice. And genuine. Also I was quite struck how exceptionally healthy and beautiful she looked too. Her skin is flawless! I wish her good luck – she needs it – as there are many spiteful and not very nice people around!