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Long time eco activist Richard Branson has launched his latest initiative: a website designed to pressure companies into using earth-friendly ships in an effort to green the transport business.

The new site allows viewers who might not know a bow from a stern to “tell an efficient low-emission ship from a less efficient one.” The site rates around 60,000 ships including tankers, cargo ships and cruise ships among others.

The website says:

“We understand that shipping is a highly efficient form of transport, but it is also, according to independent analysis from management consultants Booz & Co., ‘the largest potential energy efficiency opportunity in the transportation sector where new financing models will make a difference.’

Branson hopes to help those who might use these ships make environmentally responsible decisions when considering who they hire.

Visit the site to learn more.

Via Treehugger

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  • herwin

    dearest Ali Berman,
    i humbly ask you to explain to me why a fellow who is developing and promoting tourism in space, which in my simple world view is NOT (i repeat : “not”) eco friendly, because of the obscene huge amounts of fuel this takes, and the resulting yukky air this produces, all so some boring old millionaire tourist farts can take a space walk.
    very nice of mr Branson to create a website (i guess 90 % of ecorazzi visitors have a website thats “green”) but we call that “greenwashing” of a dirty company profile.

  • herwin

    hooray for eco activist Brendan, exept launching an “eco friendly website” , mr Brendan also soon launches worlds first commercial space travels for spoiled millionaires. Put on your gasmaks, folks..