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Photo: Flickr/Courtesy of Tiago Chediak

Want to save the earth with fashion model Gisele Bündchen? Yeah, that sounds pretty okay by us.

The United Nations goodwill ambassador, wife of  Tom Brady, and environmental activist, has a new animated web series called Gisele and the Green Team, which will present ecological issues to children and show them how they can save our planet.

The series will debut on AOL Kids and follows a group of young women who moonlight as environmental superheroes; including a cartoon version of Gisele as, well, herself, and her four friends, (like Keisha, a music enthusiast from Ghana, and Woo Li, a Chinese martial arts expert). A website devoted to the episodes offers tabs like “Go Green” and “Girl Power,” which will further emphasize the green-friendly plots of the show and the messages meant to empower girls.

When asked in a New York Times interview if her husband had any plans of joining the series, Bündchen said, “I would love for him to. Hey, let’s put him in there, too – put him to work. He’s got to help save the planet. Not only girls need to do the work. Hello! Men also need to do the work, right?”


You can watch a preview clip from the series — and well as experience the awesome theme song — after the jump below.

  • melissa

    What a cool thing she is doing for kids and the environment!

  • Remy Chevalier

    It’s not her voice! Why isn’t it her voice?

  • eco friendly plates

    Now this is something interesting! Our children will be the next generation to inherit the environment that we have as of now, and with this animated series, it will be much easier for parents to make their kids aware in taking care of the environment.

  • Cory Miyasaka

    Your in no way to old to start your Martial Arts Training, on the other hand you do need to remember at our age the body takes longer to recover.