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Animal rights activist Heather Mills believes her restaurant VBites will be more popular than McDonalds in ten years time. Considering McDonalds has over 31,000 stores worldwide, that’s a pretty tall order.

As ecorazzi previously reported, VBites has been closed for the winter season.

Mills said about her venture:

“It’s the future. We’ve been using the time when the cafe has closed for brainstorming. VBites has been phenomenally successful this year. Everyone loves the food, even carnivores. Plans for it to become a franchise are very much on.”

Every vegan in the world wishes that a veg fast food chain would take off at super speed and replace those golden arches. Is Mills the one to make it happen?  We shall see.

[Editor’s note: Doubtful.]

Via Vegetarian Star

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  • Phoenix

    Ummmmm, is it just me or does McDonald’s NOT close for winter seasons? VBites has consistently been reported as having little to no customer base (even in peak season), but Heather Mills and her minions, errrrr, “brainstorming team” will, single-handedly, out-perform the McDonald’s marketing machine that has been so powerfully in place for, literally, decades, all while acquiring franchise-ability for a failed business… Heather Mills will, personally, take down McDonald’s clout… And, wonder that she is, she is accomplishing all of this while training for the UK Paralympics, even though both the UK Olympics and UK Paralympics Commissions have issued formal statements stating they have nothing to do with her and she cannot possibly qualify for their world-class teams that are already well in place… Even still, Mills insists she has been “ASKED TO TRAIN” to represent the UK in these world events… Yep, that’s how it works alright — random individuals are ASKED to train for world-class competitions…

    I say, again, no financial institutions will fund the franchising of a failed business — the prototype/mothership doesn’t work and, again, they would base their willingness to finance said franchise upon carefully going over the books of the first VBites which, also again, is failed miserably… Please tell the truth — is this woman on crack? LOL

  • Phoenix

    Oh, and, we must not forget this week’s other news… Heather Mills personally orchestrated The Beatles offerings on ITunes, don’t ya know… As if the surviving Beatles, and/or the representatives of The Beatles no longer here, would allow Heather Mills (or anyone else) anywhere NEAR “The Beatles”… This had nothing to do with the two Apple Corporations and EMI, after years of squabbling, finally coming to agreement to offer The Beatles on ITunes, it was Heather Mills, right? Just a reminder, lest we forget, Heather claimed for years (throughout her relationship w. McCartney) she had never even heard of The Beatles… Must be nice living in Heather World, eh?

    • whitney

      You talk too much.