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Photo: Flickr/Courtesy of John Antoni Griffiths

Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy, has a backup plan if this whole music thing doesn’t work out.

Even though his band just released their new album “The Resistance”, rocked this years Coachella festival, and were credited as the inspiration for the Twilight series by author Stephenie Meyer, the rocker said in an interview that he plans to retire and become a hemp farmer.

The 32-year-old musician owns a sprawling country estate in Devon, England, and plans to farm hemp to create paper and other materials from the plant. But if that isn’t enough, Bellamy is already using the land as a sheep farm with a flock of 50 Dorset Downs sheep and two rams.

He said of the animals that, “When I stop touring I’m going to hang around there and start shearing sheep.”

No word on whether Bellamy’s fur enthusiast superstar girlfriend, Kate Hudson, will be out in the bogs shearing alongside him.

  • Karmiin

    Hopefully he considers farming–Certified Organic Hemp cause organic farms use organic plants such as clover and alfalfa to naturally imbue the soil with many nutrients including nitrogen. No funky chemical involved. It’s beautiful.
    Anhydrous Ammonia is a petroleum based fertilizer; basically chemical nitrogen, which is used in the majority of non-organic farming of food crops including hemp. This nasty chemical is injected into the land in which farmers have been growing hemp on, at the beginning of every 3rd season’s crop. The reason they keep using it is simple, by injecting anhydrous ammonia into the soil, the farmers don’t have to skip a season (4 months) of growing. Besides their complete disconnect and respect for the earth, those farmers are ignorant of the ramifications linked to the use of the chemical nitrogen. —-Just sayin.