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'Top Chef' Goes Vegan Versus Carnivore In Dinosaur-Inspired Breakfast Challenge

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When Top Chef announced they’d be bringing back previous contestants for an all-stars series, we knew the competition would be fierce. And this week’s dinosaur-inspired breakfast challenge proved both fierce and ferocious!

In last night’s episode, contestants were tasked with making breakfast for hundreds of children and parents after an all-night sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History. But there was a catch (there’s always a catch)!

The chefs were split into two teams — Team Tyrannosaurus and Team Brontosauraus — and given only the ingredients their respective dinosaur would eat. For Team T.Rex that meant only meat, eggs, and dairy; Team Brontosauraus could use fruits, vegetables, and grains. Any idea what team we’d be on?

While Team T.Rex was confident that bacon and eggs would steal the show, they forgot to consider that carnivore doesn’t mean omnivore. With only mere animal protein at their disposal, the contestants felt stifled with their selection.

“In order to keep things delicious, you need acid and you need herbs”, said Team Tyrannosaurus captain Tiffani. “So this is a really difficult challenge.”

At the end of the day, Team Brontosauraus reigned supreme and Marcel, Angelo, and Carla won the challenge with a banana puree topped with mixed fruit. The dish was not only beautifully prepared, but also super healthy and perfect for growing kids…and Mother Earth!

Check out the episode after the jump and tell us who you would have voted for: Team Tyrannosaurus or Team Brontosauraus.

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