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Adrien Grenier recently struck a pose for Nau— a Portland based eco-friendly clothing company focused on producing sustainable, urban and outdoor fashions. Personally, based off of this pic, I don’t know why the man would wear anything else. Swoon.

So, the deal is that Grenier didn’t just sign up to be a model because he’s got a pretty face, he’s actually part of a collaboration between Nau, photographer Eden Batki, and filmmakers Thomas Oliver and Jordan Strong. They’ve put together a themed series of portraits called The Provocateurs, featuring 12 people that exemplify who they design their products for.

According to Nau, “We’ve selected 12 people, in 10 portraits, who are doing important work, and who are going about their work in a provocative, inspiring, and insightful way. They want to move, move others, and be moved.”

Grenier is one of the chosen 12, and that’s in part due to his activism in providing clean drinking water to developing nations through the nonprofit charity:water. As part of the series, if you buy the Nau Shroud of Purrin blazer— the one he’s sporting in this photo— five percent of the money you spend ($17.50 of the $350) will be donated to charity:water.

Wondering why such a hefty price tag? Well, Nau is known for the fact that they are not only eco-forward but their products will also last you for years, hence that sustainability aspect. That blazer, for example, is 100 percent recycled and recyclable and comes with features like button-adjustable shaped cuffs that’ll cover the back of your hands when you bike, pretty great for the outdoors!

I think every good environmentalist could use some flannel in their lives, and if you can make it look as good as Grenier does then you should head to Nau and invest immediately.

  • herwin

    Pretty cool ! I just checked out the website of Nau, pretty cool clothes, and no leather is used for any products, even the belt and wallet are made from recycled polyester.