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Louie Psihoyos, who directed and starred in the Oscar winning documentary The Cove, had to go up to bat for his film on Wednesday after a scientist featured in the film filed a lawsuit against the distributors.

It seems that Tetsuya Endo, a toxicologist from Japan’s University of Hokkaido, is demanding that footage he is featured in be removed from the documentary, as he claims he did not sign a release form, was misrepresented, and that his reputation has been tarnished. Gee, really? You’re involved in the mass killings of dolphins with unprecedented mercury levels in their system and that has come with some backlash?

Psihoyos has defended the film, which looks at dolphin slaughter off of the town of Taiji, insisting that Endo’s interview is accurate and has not been doctored in any way.

“He talked on the record at length to us, several times,” Psihoyos said. “He did say the things that he said, in the order that he said them. What we published was the truth, and now he wants to take back the truth.”

In contrast Endo stated, “I never signed off on the use of my footage, so I want the director to apologize for using it without my permission.” The lawsuit also demands 11 million yen ($131,000) in damages.

Here’s the thing… If there’s a camera in your face, it’s understood that you’re being filmed and you need to watch yourself. Am I right or am I right?!

  • AnimuX

    Dr. Endo has spoken to several environmental organizations about mercury in dolphin meat in the past. His statements concerning the dangerous levels of mercury found in testing are documented in news media as well.

    It is possible that Dr. Endo did not understand the interview would be used in a film about how and why dolphins are killed in Japan rather than a concentration on the dangers of mercury exposure. However, I find this to be an unlikely scenario.

    Considering how often Endo has been quoted over the years, it’s more likely he’s now been harassed by extremists in Japan who have already threatened others involved in the production and release of “The Cove”.

  • Vote_for_Pedro

    Those are my thoughts exactly, AnimuX. Pressure from home possible has him singing a different tune. Regardless, the documentary Mr. Psihoyos directed changed my life!

  • Vote_for_Pedro

    not to mention he’s such a handsome greek man!! not that it has anything to do with this article.. but as a greek gal I love to see my fellow Spartans loving the animals!! Say oxi to arni

  • georgina

    So…why is Tetsuya Endo making those claims until now? Sounds to me like he is trying to do damage control a tad late!
    Just own whatever you said Mr. Endo!

    • David

      Oh I don’t know. Maybe he was trying to resolve his concerns amicably in private rather than publicly?

      • georgina

        Hmmmm, nah. He is trying to backtrack on what he has said in the past.

        Also, “demanding that footage he is featured in be removed from the documentary” does not sound very amicable to me. Does is sound that way to you?

    • herwin

      actually mr Endo is “one of us”. By cleverly and loudly pretending he disagrees with the footage, he can keep up apearances to his fellow japanese but at the same time make quite a public stir and make sure the deadly-mercury-levels-in-dolphin-meat topic gets more attention in the japanese media !
      Kind of the reversed psycholophy thing.

    • David

      “Also, “demanding that footage he is featured in be removed from the documentary” does not sound very amicable to me. Does is sound that way to you?”

      What is with the lack of comprehension?

      That demand is his current position, if there had been earlier attempts at an amicable resolution his requests may have been much less strident.

      Maybe when one sides position is “No Compromise”, there is no reason for the other side to even come to the table for dicussion.

      • georgina

        Hey genius, you are the one who used the word amicable, not me.

      • David

        Post has been removed due to a violation of our commenting policy.

      • georgina

        So i call you genius and you call me idiot? Why am i not surprised!
        This and any future conversations with you are done.

        For the record, i did not make any mistakes DAVID. What i see here is that you are clearly “able” to read between the lines of every person posting here and call them out whenever they say something you can latch on to continue your pro-whaling preaching, but i am not there sitting next to you or talking with you to even know what goes on inside your brain. I take things for what i see. You can blame the language barrier if you want. See, when one takes ESL classes professors do not teach us to read sarcasm or Davidian, or you can call me an idiot again. Still, taking things from what i see and honestly it takes an idiot to know another one.

        Have a nice life.

      • David

        So now you have resorted to lying. You sarcastically use the term genius, so no you didn’t really call me a genius did you, genius?

      • crumpets are yummy

        David often resorts to cat calls when he doesn’t have a point to make. He also falls to water & goes into hiding when his mates aren’t around to support him.

      • Kevin

        Wow. Nice thread. Georgina, I suggest that you
        1) try to understand the original point that was being made, since you missed it
        2) not go around calling people “genius” – you just might be in the wrong sometimes
        3) not try to play off calling someone “genius” as a genuine compliment!

      • herwin

        I dont understand that its accepted (against Ecorazzi’s own forum policies) to repeatedly call other people bad names, in this case for calling long time and always positive poster Georgina an “idiot” , by long time topic wrecker and paid troll David. its not like David slipped up, its more like a pattern of vocal abuse that is developing here.

      • Kevin

        sez the guy who below tells someone they are a wanker

  • Vote_for_Pedro

    “Maybe when one sides position is “No Compromise”, there is no reason for the other side to even come to the table for dicussion”
    Um.. When did Mr. Psihoyos join Operation No Compromise? When did he even join the SSCS?? That is a cop out statement!

    • David

      Who mentioned the SSCS?

      Mr Psihoyos has made it clear that he wants Taiji to stop all killing of dolphins. Sure sounds like no compromise to me.

      • herwin

        are you making these utterly silly remarks when you are mentally wanking on the public toilet ?
        You write “No Compromise” , thats the name of the SSCS campaign, eh, so its very very childish and cowardly if i can say so, to suddenly deny you were refering to the SSCS campaign. Very childish.
        Well, i guess thats all part of your topic wrecking paid job , eh, to avoid a healthy serious discussion, and just try to sicken the topic, which includes calling people names.
        Must be tough, eh, to be a meateater and feel threatened by the rising popularity of vegetarians, eh.
        Keep up the bad work, dinosaur.

      • David

        Actually it is the name of the ALF periodical started in 1995. And the SSCS campaign is called Operation No Compromise.

  • Kevin

    I’m not sure what the laws are in Japan, and unless someone on here is, I think we’re all hard pressed to figure out the legalities of this. I do think that is there was a misrepresentation of the filming as non-commercial, there could be a case here. In the US you usually have to sign a release for something like that. If you do not, it doesn’t matter if you said what you said or not, people can’t release you in a commercial film without potentially facing a lawsuit. Not for slander, but for damges/royalties.

    • David

      But ‘The Cove’ was for a good cause and Professor Endo supports hunting dolphins and is therefore evil. So in this case the law doesn’t matter. Or at least that is what many people seem to believe.

      • ECOWARRIOR117

        No one said he was evil. However, he is blatantly lying so as to make it look like he is not a fool. He said what he said, and he needs to own up to it.

      • Kevin

        In the documentary, it’s a little sketch. He says while standing in a fish market and pointing to a slab of meat “This is dolphin meat”. And then he’s in front of a slide deck in an office/lab setting finishing the same thought “this containing 2000 ppm mercury”. So… was the sentence uttered in the market, or in the office, clearly they connected these two scenes but did he say the same thing contiguously in real life? Not clear.

  • ednakano

    Pf. Endo is protesting wrongly edited sean. 99% of “The Cove” have such a trick. Actually “The cove” is Junk Movie.


      Yeah, that’s why it won an Oscar.

      • David

        No it won because of political activism on the part of the Academy. Just like “An Inconvenient Truth” won an Oscar even though it was found in court to contain statements that depart from the mainstream scientific position. that is a nice way to say lies.

  • Nobody Expects The Ecological Inquisition!

    David: “statements that depart from the mainstream scientific position = lies”

    Yes Sir Mister Global Thought Police Officer Sir!

    We have tolerated this shameful practice for far too long. (Remember that Copernicus guy, some time ago? Total fraud. And it has only been getting worse since then.)

    • David

      Well there is kind of a difference that makes your analogy fall apart.

      Copernicus came up with a new testable theory, which he and other astronomers then proceeded to test. When the results showed that his theory explained the real world data better than the old theories, the scientific consensus changed. That is kind of the way the whole scientific process is supposed to work.

      In Mr. Gore’s case he stated as fact things that aren’t fact. He presented theories that when tested fail. And he said that all his facts and theories were supported by the scientific consensus, which was a lie. That is how scare mongering works.

      See the difference?

      Now if you compared Mr. Gore to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who falsified data and lied, whose theory has been pretty completely proven wrong and yet still makes millions of dollars selling books about his theory, then you would have had a more realistic analogy.

      • herwin

        Hello profesor, what theories (plural?) did mr Gore exactly present ?
        Don’t Gore just talk about Global Warming, which is a fact ?
        Isnt “mainstream science” very clear that there is global warming and it is caused by human activity ?
        Are you a Global Warming denier ? Or you believe that Global Warming is a natural thing occuring every couple of million years and manifests itself in just a few decades ?
        Please share your view on this topic.

      • Kevin

        I think David’s point is that a consensus scientific hypothesis is very different from an accepted law that results from controlled testing of a hypothesis using the scientific method.

      • David

        My position has nothing to do with my post so why would it even be an issue? Oh that’s right because you don’t want to discuss the issues you want to use ad hominem attacks.

        My comments were based on the findings in court of significant errors in the ‘documentary’.

        “Isnt “mainstream science” very clear that there is global warming…”


        “…and it is caused by human activity ?”

        No. Humans being the cause is a theory based on computer models. The testable hypothesis from the theory will require more years of data collection and study to prove or disprove, due to natural variability masking the small CO2 signature over short time periods.

        “Hello profesor, what theories (plural?) did mr Gore exactly present ?”

        Well student;

        The theory that global warming will shut down the thermohaline circulation.

        The theory that the snows on Mount Kilimanjaro are melting. And the theory that the decline in the Furtwangler Glacier at the summit is shrinking due to global warming.

        The theory that polar bears are declining because of decreasing Arctic ice cover.