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In an recent interview on CNN’s Parker Spitzer, author, producer, and environmentalist Laurie David discussed her new book “The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect With Your Kids, One Meal At A Time,” and insisted that modern life is tearing families apart.

David believes that family dinner time (an occasion far too many skip) is the perfect opportunity to discuss important personal and social issues, including, of course, environmentalism.

As an activist, Laurie is best known for her work producing the 2006 Academy Award winner, An Inconvenient Truth, and said that while she’s optimistic about environmental progress, she’s also frustrated.

“I just think the forces against change are so strong, so rich, so powerful, so organized, and they’re continuing to keep the public confused and misinformed about this issue,” said David. “I don’t understand…when science became something you believe in…facts are facts.”

Check out David’s entire interview below and tell us what you think!

  • herwin

    “modern life tears us apart” and “family dinner time is excellent for discussing issues”, urm, sounds more like some one liners from a conservatist politician trying to paint himself as a family guy. :-(
    Makes me think of the wise words of Schwarzenegger whose phylosophy is to make Green Issues more “sexy”, instead of boring.

  • quote ninja

    Modern life isn’t the problem. There are plenty of people living modern lives who are not caught up with information addiction, or any of the other imbalances people are subjecting themselves to.

    Family time is only as important as people make it. Many successful families ignore each other as a practice and the only problem is if one or more of the family members is lacking in emotional support/connection. Each family finds their own balance.