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It’s good to be a celebrity — and an animal-friendly one at that!

Natalie Portman recently became the new face of the Miss Dior Cherie campaign; but she wasn’t about to let her vegan convictions fall by the wayside for a paycheck.

She told “One of the things that’s been so nice is that Dior made all of the shoes for me with no animals and no leather or anything, because I don’t wear any leather…They re-made all my shoes so I can wear Dior shoes without taking lives.”

Back in Feb of 2008, Portman designed a line of vegan shoes for Té Casan; citing her involvement due to a lack of animal-friendly alternatives in the fashion world. Less than a year later, the collection was dropped — a victim of the financial crisis.

Perhaps Portman can convince Dior to make a few vegan-friendly shoes for consumers as well?

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  • ariel

    The collection was dropped because of the abnormal prices, I hope the next one will be not only for an elite of stars, the brand doesn’t look like…

  • Desireediaz

    That would be awesome!!

  • Realandspectacular

    Um, yeah. That’s actually the bigger deal. I love Natalie, but if she’s accepting the $$$ to promote a non-vegan company, then she needs to take it a step further. While she’s not wearing animal products during the shoots, she’s still indirectly telling millions of people to buy animal products if Dior sells shit like leather.

    Hopefully, NP tries another vegan shoe collection with a lower price point cause it would be a huge success!

  • herwin

    Me dont understand the Vegan label. If she dont use leather for her shoes, call the shoes “leather free”. Why call them “Vegan” ? And, urm, they pretty expensive, vegan shoes from Portman, there are enough , urn, urn, “vegan” shoes out there, the cheapest shoes are usually (as in “always”) made from synthetic materials and can look very much like real leather or suede. Or take “crocs”, these plastic slippers, they plastic, they vegan.

    • ednakano

      You have good point.
      They will ware rain boot.

    • Titch

      It’s not just about the leather though, many synthetic materials still contain animal-derived materials (did you know that rubber gloves contain sheeps intestines?!). The glue in most synthetic shoes also comes from animals, so truly vegan shoes are not as easy to find as you might think…..

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