by Michael dEstries
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It’s Friday and we’re feeling the holiday spirit, so how about a scoring a free pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses?

This particular style, called Jasmine, is made from 55% bio-based renewable plant material, with temple treatments sourced from bamboo. The shades come with an organic canvas pouch printed in soy ink, with a recycled paper tag.

Want to win? Tell us what green gift you’d most like to receive this winter (besides the Juicy) and we’ll draw a name at random next Monday.

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  • Brooke

    The green gift I most want for Christmas is a Vaute Couture coat! Cruelty-free fashion never looked so good!

  • cheriak

    My christmas *wish* would be yards of gorgeous organic cotton/linen fabric from Mod Green Pod or Rubie Green to make curtains for the bedroom and living room. We moved in to our place almost a year ago and I’ve been living with these awful metal blinds ever since!

  • Jamie

    The green gift I most want is the Discovery Channel’s LIFE series on DVD! I’m convinced that watching this series can make anyone compelled to take simple steps to help the environment :)

  • Karina

    The green gift I want most for myself is either the Olsen Haus Brazil heels or a Dalia MacPhee vegan dress.

  • georgina

    The green gift i want for myself this Christmas is just for relatives and friends to make donations in my name to animal welfare organizations.

  • Maya Lilly

    Besides these rad sunglasses, I’d love a new organic comforter and duvet set for our bed, made of bamboo, or hemp, or organic cotton. I’m tired of toxins where I rest my head! Thank you!!!

  • kathleen wissenz

    The green gift I want for Christmas is for someone to make a donation to an animal rights charity in my name.

  • Jenni

    I want a vegetable garden so I can grow my own organic food!!

  • Andrea

    I would love to get a new car to give to my husband, to replace his minivan: the electric Tesla Roadster, of course! That would be fabulous. Oh, and maybe some Stella McCartney clothes for me… :)

  • Jennifer

    The green gift I would like to recieve is bento box with reusable eating utensils so that I can have an easy way to pack a waste-free lunch.

  • Robyn Ely

    The green gift I would like most this holiday season would have to be
    Eco Foil Pan’s . I think a great amount of them would make me happy because I plan on cooking alot. Besides that, I can take them and go to a party, etc. ~ Then of course this pair of Juicey sunglasses, and that is it ! Simple, thats me !!!

  • herwin

    the green gift i like best is money.

  • Nicole

    The green gift I have asked for this Christmas is an adopted orangutan certificate through the Orangutan Foundation International. I have a scrapbook full of adopted animals from around the world and being able to support various organizations that are dedicated to preserving our endangered species is the greatest gift of all!!

  • Mom at Tiny Green Mom

    Organic chocolate tops my list!

  • crumpets are yummy

    Nothing but a kiss…from Ednakookoo.

  • Laura Crochetiere

    My green Christmas wish – for someone to adopt a Gorilla from the WWF for me!!

  • Emma

    I would love my husband to learn to cook an awesome vegan meal for me!!!

  • joanne

    I would love a worm farm

  • Heather

    I would love some Josie Maran cosmetics. =)

  • Sun Chicka

    STELLA MCCARTNEY V-neck wool cardigan.

  • Elizabeth Becker

    I asked Santa for a kayak for Christmas.. because real boaters don’t need motors!

  • Luis Rojas

    A brand new pre-owned bicycle!!!

  • kiona

    To change the world, only one person needs to take responsibility for their thoughts. My gift is to coach people to individual happiness to be aware of “green”.

  • Erin Taylor

    I would very much like my husband to get his green thumbs out of his pockets and take our front lawn out and plant a garden! We have a huge wasted resource right in front of our duplex. Besides being good for the environment (using less water by gardening using a drip system( our children would benefit from all the wonderful organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.. It will also be a great example to them and our neighbors to do the same thing! .