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This year, Americans will spend $44 billion on Christmas gifts alone — a whopping $384 per household. And, of course that doesn’t include all the extra holiday expenses that come with the season (e.g. travel, food, gas, gift wrap). The point is that while the holidays can bring momentary monetary joy, there’s one family member we’re not considering: Mother Earth.

In this year’s Family Guy Christmas special, “Road to the North Pole,” Stewie and Brian leave Quahog in search of the real Santa Claus. After a series of mishaps and shenanigans, the duo finally make it to the North Pole only to discover that all is not well with Santa and his elves.

Instead of the pristine, jolly workshop one might imagine, Santa and his workers are so overwhelmed with the growing population’s desire for material possessions that the North Pole has been transformed into a series of coal-burning mega-factories. (Video after the jump below…)

The reindeer have gone rabid from eating elves, which had to reproduce at such a rapid speed that incest has all but wiped out the race, Santa’s having a breakdown, and Christmas is in serious jeopardy. But fear not! By the end of the episode, Brian and Stewie have convinced the world that consuming less can save the planet and that we should all do our part to avoid overconsumption. Amen.

Check out the episode below, and tell us how you plan to consume less this holiday season!

  • keithernet63

    Seth MacFarlane is such a socialist. I learned at a young age that Santa is omnipotent. The logistics of flying around the world delivering toys may be staggering, but There is nothing he can’t do. As a farm kid in Central Iowa, I learned that sometimes Santa gives a lot, and in lean years, he doesn’t give so much. I never felt guilty for wanting too much because I never felt we received too much. But to suggest that our greed is turning North Pole Toyland into a sweatshop manned by inbred elves and carnivorous reindeer? Thanks for trying to ruin Christmas for us, Seth. Merry Xmas.

    • Sectopood

      Please listen, i agree that Family guy is at times very offensive, but you have to understand that they mess with poeple with their humor, its the humor they have, i have been offended alot of times for all their fat jokes, but at the same time i have to realise that it is a comedy show. Cant expect much else. As a wise man once said, if you dont like it, dont watch ;)

  • David

    It is what is know as a comedy keithernet63. And I haven’t seen anything that says Seth has the opinion stated in the article, I believe that is the writers take on the episode.

    You should have watched the “American Dad” take on Santa though. After being accidentally ‘killed’ he regenerates and attacks the Smith family along with his massive elf army in retaliation. The Smiths manage to survive the attack, Santa has to retreat at the beginning of Christmas day, but Santa vows to return next year to try again.

    • Sectopood

      Same thing happens in Futurama,
      tho here is santa evil from the beginning :)

  • hateluvblogs

    After featuring feral reindeer, inbred retarded elves and a double homicide, Family Guy had the balls to end with a moral? Really? A episode with parents being killed in front of their young, should NOT be the same episode that tells us we should only have 1 gift from Santa! Family Guy should never, ever, have any type of social commentary. That’s like a hooker telling you how to be a better Jew/Christian/Buddhist/etc! Hey Family Guy, stick to trying to remain funny. You guys are in no position to change the world.

  • Blake

    I’m not a fan of Family Guy, but the message that we must limit our obsessive consumption is an important one, no matter where it comes from. I applaud Seth MacFarlane for using his show to promote this important message.

  • http://google Catherine King

    This will be the first episode of Family Guy that I will watch!

    I noted a comment that the episode ‘ruined’ Christmas. What about other rather scary Christmas tales; The Grinch, Mr Scrooge etc. The episode may ruin some peoples Christmas because they are pushed to take a look in the mirror.
    Reindeer eating elves; this is not so far fetched. In factory farms animals are forced to eat the remains of other unfortunate animals. Many are driven the equivalent of mad due to the extreme confinement and the inability to conduct any of their natural habits. Factory Santa; not too far fetched; consumerism driven by corporations is ruining the planet.
    This is brilliant.