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It’s Tuesday, and that means you’ve made it this far and it’s time for us to give you some exciting news so you can hold on through the rest of the work week. Drumroll please…

NASA announced that it’s going to put a hold (hooray!) on the $1.75 million taxpayer-funded study that would expose 18 squirrel monkeys to doses of harmful radiation at New York’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. The plan was that after the radiation was administered, the primates would then reside at McLean Hospital in Belmont where they would be monitored for the the rest of their lives by Harvard Med School researchers. The amount of radiation would be equivalent to three years of space travel, and would help to determine safe levels for astronauts on lengthy missions.

Many celebs, including Sir Paul McCartney, have been outspoken in their campaigns against these experiments, and activist groups like PETA have applauded the decision to re-evaluate this line of research.

A statement put out by Brookhaven Labs, said that they were about to “undertake a comprehensive review of the agency’s current research and technology development plans to see how they align with the President’s plan for human spaceflight.”

While Michael Braukus, a NASA spokesman, stated, “A decision will be made when the review is completed, depending on whether it’s still deemed to be a value added experiment.”

Personally we don’t see the value in dousing live monkeys with huge levels of radiation, which seems to be animal cruelty to the extreme. For now we’re happy that this is on hold, and we hope it lasts indefinitely!

  • Karina

    I really hope this experiment is never even considered to be used again. Animals are living, sentient beings who don’t deserve to be tortured and treated like property.

    • Kris

      So…… now it’s better to exposure astronauts to the radiation and see what happens to them? This didn’t sound like a cruel experiment. Some animal experimentation is necessary or humans will face the consequences.

      • Omera

        Yes Kris rather astronauts who volunteer to do space programs, than innocent monkeys who belong in the forests! This anthropocentric world view is getting really old. It so 20th century, we have all the evidence that shows animals are conscious intelligent being capable of love and feelings like humans. Go and read something on the subject, and you will be amazed.

        You really dont know how stupid you sound when you say something like this on a vegan website. You’re either a troll, or a jackass, and not the donkey type either.

      • Karina

        If people want to make these unnecessary experiments then people should be tested on. We have no right to use other animals who have absolutely nothing to do with these experiments and make them suffer. These experiments are done for people, and other animals have nothing to gain from them and everything to lose. Instead of being selfish and speciesist and thinking its okay to use every other living being for our selfish desires, we should be using those who these experiments are meant for – humans.

        “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.” – Alice Walker

    • David Vandegejuchte

      yeah, much better to launch a person into space without the proper testing and then gawk at their deformed children. That being said, I wish NASA would do something practical with their enormously expensive projects.

    • David

      Yes, Kris, that is exactly what they want. Many of them believe animals are more important than humans.

  • crumpets are yummy

    I would have no problem if they did experiments on David and Ednakookoo.

    In fact i would even pull the trigger and watch them blast off into space.

    But please save the monkeys.

  • herwin

    You are so right, Karina. You even forget to mention that experiments on animals dont give very accurate results also, and even downright oposite results sometimes because human and other animal bodies difer from each other. Think about that ecah time you read an article in the newspaper about medicines that killed people. These medicines were tested on animals but , oh wonder, on human beings the effects are diferent, sometimes even deadly.

    ‘ whether it’s still deemed to be a value added experiment ‘

    in other words, they themselves are not sure if it has any real value, this monkey testing.

    • Karina

      You’re absolutely right. Animal testing is never 100%. Chemicals and materials that are safe on animals can easily be deadly to humans and vice versa.
      If people want things that have to be tested to ensure their safety first, then people should be the ones tested on.

    • David

      People are tested on Karina. But most of the world believes that people are more important than animals, so the second phase of testing is on animals followed by human testing.

      And yes they know that animal testing isn’t 100% accurate for what the effect on humans will be, which is why human testing is done after the animal testing. And their are significant advantages in animal testing;
      – it is much easier to control other variables like diet and lifestyle
      – generally their metabolism is faster so a shorter study period is required to detect any effects
      – generally they are smaller so proportionally smaller amounts/doses can be used

      But human testing isn’t 100% accurate either because everybody is slightly different than everybody else. Chemicals and materials that are safe for me could be deadly for you.

  • don miguelo

    Matthew Broderick is great in this movie…

  • Whoever…

    Yes, they should test it on humans instead and leave animals alone.
    As it should be with every other type of tests! We’re the only ones who benefit from these tortures, so why not do it to humans, for instance to violent criminals on death row?

    We’re not told (because it would be ‘bad for business’!) but there’s already enough technology and information that would allow us to end all tests on living beings… Can you imagine the profits big pharmaceutical companies would lose if they started selling drugs that would actually cure most the diseases known to us?

    I’m also amazed every single time some ignorant person says humans are more important than animals!!

    Says who? Religions, which (all of them) are nothing but a farce? The same religions that consider women to be inferior to men (why are the prophets and gods – god, allah, buddha, christ and so on – male figures?), the same religions that say it’s okay to stone a woman to death just because she was unfaithful, the same religions that promote religious conflicts and hatred!? Open your eyes!!!

    We’re immortal spirits just like any other living creature, we’re just in different levels of evolution – which doesn’t mean we’re superior; animals too will some day incarnate as humans -… humans, animals, plants, the entire universe are the real God/Goddess, not some white male idiot sitting on a throne in heaven…

    Therefore if we can live very well without eating animals, without testing on them (there are alternatives to animal testing in medicine, cosmetics and in every other area out there!) why keep torturing them?

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