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George Clooney Demands Action In The Sudan

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George Clooney has been an outspoken activist in bringing attention to the ongoing genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan for years, and to amp things up he recently co-penned an op-ed article for CNN titled, “Act now to prevent war in the Sudan.”

The pressure to take action comes out of the fear that the North will launch a civil war if it loses control over the oil-rich southern region of the country. The issue of war and what regions the North will control has been brought up as a result of a referendum set to be voted on come January 9, 2011. To put the importance of this into context, the last civil war started in 1983 and lasted 20 years with more than two million lives lost in the battles. Not something that needs repeating!

The CNN piece is equal parts warning, game plan, history, and potential consequences if actions aren’t taken to reduce the chances of war between the ruling Northern party and the Southern party.

In the article, Clooney states, “Our point is a simple one: If one or the other party plunges the country back to a North-South war, there must be serious international consequences for that party.”

This demand for international intervention is furthered when he states, “Commencing a serious, multinational effort to build the necessary benefits for peace and consequences for war would help affect the calculations of the parties in the direction of peace. The fact that the Obama administration has effectively put forward a set of proposed incentives should trigger other countries to do the same.”

It’s a smart move by Clooney, who has become a master of drawing attention to causes he believes in. For example, in 2008 Clooney, along with the help of his newsman dad, filmed the TV special, “A Journey to Darfur.” In addition he is a co-founder of the humanitarian organization Not On Our Watch, and recently teamed up with an international coalition of celebs— including Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, philanthropist Richard Branson, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and former U.N. Secretary General and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan— to star in a music video for the “We Want Peace” Global Initiative for Sudan.

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  • This is how a fake war gets started, a bone head star who thinks he is more than he is, alerts the people to genocide in a country, like Vietnam, like Syria and then if they have RICH resources, the US is in….to then plan false op’s to give them a reason to go to war TO STEAL THE RESOURCES, but tell the bought media to tell the stupid people who believe the BOUGHT LAME STREAM- LYING MEDIA, that we had to step in they are killing their own people, but infact they ARE NOT, and it is the US’s very own CIAl-qaeda and other paid so-called terrorist groups that are really MURDERING PEOPLE, like obama has been doing in SYRIA, to shut the people up sot hey don’t tell the world, but some survive and do tell the world, unfortunately dumb americans think it is nothing but conspiracy……nd this is war 101 and how the US govn’t getts a way with it,, So, next the US will be in the Sudan for this very reason to murder the people and taek tehir RICH RESOURCES..this is the US govn’t which is a SHADOW GOVN”T t and obama’s puppet strings are showing!!

  • Olivia Rose Parker

    I am sorry that Cluny even has to take up this cause, bring attention to it. When President, Bush admitted genocide was occuring in Sudan, as did most of the world’s leadership. Hard to ignore and yet they managed. Politics in Sudan was overcome by an Arab minority, very slick. Telling people what they wanted to hear, then imposing their own ways slowly but surely building strength and funding terror against the few who recognized what was happening to their country, the opposition. Slaughtering people and destroying the land so they could not return, most of them farmers, ran for their lives, but not content with that some were followed into Chad. Not sure what strength the south mustered or what weakened the north, but for some reason a division of Sudan seemed a solution. Seems now that may have just been a delay for the north to regain strength and once again assail the south for a complete takeover and imposition of Islam, sharia law. Odd that so many muslims were killing muslims, but sharia versus sunni is sometimes deadly. The south was mostly agrarian, democratic, moderate muslims more secular, akin to western freedom as a culture. It’s disastrous that so many were slaughtered when they were more like us and now they are gone, making the recovery of Sudan more difficult, giving greater strength to jihadists and their goal of world domination. Remember that Bin Laden was thrown out of Sudan, that’s what took him to Afghanistan where he infiltrated the Taliban. Why we don’t pay attention until a threat to our rights, Pearl Harbor, World Trade Center, shake us to the core, I do not know. “Live and Let Live” has not served us well.

  • Oh George, You are so pretty….Why don’t you and all the other Hollywood heros go to Gucci and get some uniforms and storm the African beaches to fix this mess. Since your pal Barrack has some clout maybe he can get Oprah to finance it.Like the unaware celebrity he’s ready to put the soldier at risk with no self threat. So far since November no one seems capable of running the Military or the country. Oh yeah, Beyonce you can take a bite of this crap pie too.

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