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New Reality Show Brings The Slaughterhouse To Your Living Room

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There’s this new show coming out on Current TV, and it’s got this really subtle Sarah Palin-esque title, “Kill It, Cook It, Eat It”… So, let me ask you, what do you think that “It” is?!

Ding ding ding!! If you guessed our animal friends, you would be correct! The show, which premiers January 10, 2011, is described as an “edgy, farm-to-table reality series.” It was a hit in the UK, and Current TV acquired the show for U.S. debut. According to the press release, the idea here is that a group of strangers with odd-couple like views on food, (think people who are macrobiotic mixing with meat-loving cowboys), live together “on an organic farm in a humane environment.”

In terms of what the UK show does, it asks the group, “Could you kill it, cook it, and eat it?” They then take this group and have them watch calves being born, have them hand feed them grass, and then eventually choose cattle to be killed, watch them die in a slaughterhouse, and decide if they will be able to eat it in the end— hence the kill it, cook it, eat it mantra. In the UK intro, the host says that the purpose of the show is to “reconnect the meat they eat with the animals that died to provide it.” And the description states that the program, “tackles tough issues in a tasteful manner,” and “gives viewers an entertaining, educational and sometimes controversial look at our food chain.”

It’s not clear if this show favors the animals or the farmers or perhaps none of the above. There could be benefits to people actually having to experience the process of where their meat comes from, like watching a PETA video except live, but the idea of showing animal slaughter on TV is just kind of nauseating to me.

I dunno, what say you all? Will you be TiVo’ing?

Check out a clip from the UK version after the jump below.

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