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Listen, Russell Simmons is a big deal type of guy, alright? He’s the co-founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, creator of clothing line Phat Farm, and he also has this reality show called “Running Russell Simmons” (which is likely a play on his famous brother, Rev. Run Simmons of Run-D.M.C. Yeah, I took it back to the old school).

In the show’s season finale, viewers got to watch Simmons interacting with his assistants and talking about, well, crack cocaine… Okay, that’s not the green part.

But it did come when Simmons suggested a legal way to get high. “The best high is green vegetable juice and meditation,” he said.

He’s not being silly here. To give some perspective, Simmons has been a vegan since 1998, and cites veganism as not only a health benefit but also an environmental one. He also practices Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation, so it seems that for the mogul, going green really does give you the best high.

Check out the video clip from the show here.

  • herwin

    The guy is vegan ? Didnt know, interesting to know. Hope though that he leaves out he crack and cocaine part when talking about veganism. ;-)

  • DannyBoy

    I really liked his show. He is a staunch vegan and practices Transcendental Meditation and yoga everyday. On the show he does his TM with his kids in a van on their way to the zoo! I think his drug use was long in his past. Russell’s life is on a new plane now.

    • herwin

      oh, and what do he and the kiddies do at the zoo ? having a demo and handing out leaflets ?

  • angiebaby

    Amen brother Brand! TM and green veggie juice, best high I know! Seriously experiencing health, mind and body is a powerful ingredient to living an amazing life.

  • georgina

    Right now i am high on baby carrots…somebody needs to take this bag away from me or i will not be able to eat my lunch. But fresh juice is pretty good too.

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